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  • sebaceous glands, skin, hair, and nails

    integumentary system

    heart, lymphatic organs, and blood vessels

    cardiovascular system

    liver, stomach, mouth, and pancreas

    digestive system

    bladder,urethra, kidneys, and ureters

    urinary system

    ears, eyes, nose, mouth and fingers

    five senses

    brain, nerves, and spinal cord

    nervous system

    trachea, nose, lungs, and pharynx

    respiratory system

    tendons, joints, bones, and cartilages

    skeletal system

    upper middle area of the abdomen

    epigastric region

    lower middle area of the abdomen

    hypogastric region

    central middle area of the abdomen

    umbilical region

    the humerus is located

    in the arm

    the pubis is located

    in the pelvis

    the femur is located

    in the leg

    the patella is located

    in the knee

    The ulna is located

    in the arm

    the tibia is located

    in the leg

    the fibula is located

    in the leg

    the radius is located

    in the arm

    the maxillais located

    in the head

    the metatarsals are located

    in the foot

    the metacarpals are located

    in the hand

    the name for the collar bone is


    the smaller of the lower leg bones is called


    the zygomatic bone is located

    in the head

    the mandible bone is located

    in the head

    the sphenoid bone is located

    in the head

    the vertebrae are located

    in the back

    bones are

    build to provide support and structure

    the study of bones is called


    the majority of the bones in the arms and legs are

    long bones

    bones of the wrist and ankle are called

    short bones

    the muscle that flexes and supinates the forearm is called

    biceps brachii

    the major artery to the head is called the

    carotid artery

    one of the arteries that supplies the hand and forearm is called the

    ulnar artery

    the major artery that supplies the abdomen is called the

    celiac artery

    the major artery that supplies the thorax is called the

    intercostal artery

    the major artery that supplies the kidney is called the

    renal artery

    the major artery that supplies the bladder, rectum, and some reproductive organs is called the

    iliac artery

    the major artery that supplies the upper arm is called the

    brachial artery

    the major artery that supplies the knee is called the

    popliteal artery

    the major artery that supplies the foot is called the

    dorsalis pedis

    the major vein that drains the upper arm is called the

    brachial vein

    the major vein that drains the head and brain is called the

    jugular vein

    the mejor vein that drains the liver is called the


    the major vein that drains the kidneys is called

    renal vein

    the major vein that drains the pelvic is called

    common iliac

    the point at which air enters the resiratory tract is called the

    nasal cavity

    the wind pipe which conducts air between the larynx and lungs is called the


    the divisions of the trachea which enter the lungs are called the


    located between the pharynx and trachea, and containing the vocal cords is the


    a condition of the nasal septum truning away from the midline is called a

    deviated septum

    the medcial name for nose bleed is called


    inflammation of the sinus cavity is called


    inflammation of the pleura is called


    escape of fluid into the thoratic cavity is called

    pleural effusion

    inflammation of the nasal mucosa results in


    an accumulation of air in the pleural cavity after the lungs collapse is known as


    whooping cough is another name for


    inflammmation of the mucus lining of the vagina is called


    inflammation of the gum is called


    lessions of the mucous membrane of the stomach are called

    gastric ulcers

    a serious chronic disease of the liver is called


    chronic inflammation ofthe colon is called


    inflammation of the gallbladder is called


    inflammation of the pancreas is called


    inflammation of the appendix is called


    dilated veins that occur in the rectum are know as


    located in the skull


    the science of the function of the body


    located on the tail bone


    lateral movement away from the median plane of the body


    an extrauterine pregnancy in which the fertilized ovum begins to develop outside the uterus is called


    the second portion of the small intestine is called the


    one of the vital functions of the long bones is the formation of the

    red blood cells

    a unilateral paralysis that follows damage to the brain is called


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