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  • Which of the following planes divides the body into anterior and posterior portions?


    Which of the following systems pumps and distributes blood throughout the body?


    The 4 major types of tissue in the body are

    Muscle, nervous, epithelial, and connective

    The upper respiratory tract includes all of the following EXCEPT the


    The accessory organs include the

    Gallbladder, liver, and pancreas

    Hydrocele means

    Swelling of the testes

    All of the following are true about leukocytes EXCEPT

    Leukocytes are responsible for blood clotting

    Tendonitis is a(n)

    Inflammation of the tendon

    The function of the skin includes all of the following EXCEPT

    Transportation of immune cells

    The nucleus is

    The control center that directs the activity of the cell

    Cholelithiasis is


    The sensory organs include all of the following EXCEPT

    The pharynx

    Which of the following terms means "the surgical removal of the kidney"?


    The combing form cost/o refers to which of the following anatomic structures?


    All of the following compoents are a part of the Sigmund Freud's theories of psychology EXCEPT


    Which of the following terms means "difficulty swallowing"?


    Cognitive theory offers an approach to psychology that encourages individuals to examine

    Errors in their thinking

    Which suffix means " surgical repair"?


    Which of the following conditions is commonly known as a bruise?


    Each of the following identifies one of Elizabeth Kubler- Ross's 5 stages of grief EXCEPT


    The most accurate definition of "defense mechanisms" in psychology is

    Strategies individuals use to avoid difficult or painful feelings

    All of the following statements about renewing the CMA credential are true EXCEPT

    The CMA credential is required in order to practice in the medical assisting profession

    Which certifying agency allows a medical assistant to use the CMA credential?

    Commission on Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP)

    Which type of resume is written specifically for an advertised job?

    Letter of recommendation

    Which of the following incoming calls should the medical assistant transfer immediately to the physician?

    The emergency room calling about admitting an established patient with chest pain

    A physician who specializes in disorders of the eye is known as which of the following?


    When the medical assistant is preparing to answer incoming calls, what supplies or items should he or she have readily available ?

    Appointment book, calender, message pad or notepad, and pen and pencil

    The information needed to make a return appointment for an established patient includes all of the following EXCEPT

    Patient's employer

    A patient's neighbor calls, stating that she is concerned about her friend and would like to know what is wrong with the patient The medical assistant should:

    Tactfully refuse to release any patient information without the patient's written permission

    When responding to a hearing-impaired caller, the medical assistant should

    Speak a little more slowly and little more loudly

    The best way to handle an unidentified caller who insists on speaking with the physician but refuses to give her phone number or the reason for her call would be to

    Ask the caller to send a letter to the physician

    Which of the following conditions is most characteristic of an asthma attack?


    To obtain confidential patient information which caller does NOT need a patient's written consent?

    Referring Physician

    Which of the following situations is NOT considered to be a reportable incident?

    A negative result for HIV

    Which of the following terms means "the thing speaks for itself" when applied to the law of negligence?

    Res ipsa loquitur

    Which type of insurance would cover the medical expenses of an employee injured on the job?

    Worker's compensation

    All of the following are reasons for the proper documentation of procedures performed in a medical office EXCEPT

    Information documented in the medical record may be used to reassure an employer about the health of an employee

    Which of the following terms refers to the narrowing of the urethra?


    Which of the following is the correct spelling of the term for an enlarged spleen?


    The Personnel Record Act prohibits an employer from keeping information about

    An employee's political affiliation

    Which of the following is an example of an open-ended question?

    "Would you please describe the exercises you do each day that tend to cause the chest pain you are experiencing?"

    When should the W-2 form, the wage and tax statement, be given to an employee?

    Annually in January

    All of the following may interfere with a therapeutic relationship between the patient and the healthcare provider EXCEPT:


    Which of the following statements would be an example of stereotyping ?

    All elderly patients have difficulty walking

    Which of the following terms refers to the surgical removal of a lymph node?


    Which of the following is NOT considered a special accessibility alteration designed just for disabled patients coming to the physician's office?

    Mats on the floors near entryways to prevent patient falls because of wet floors

    Which organization registers physicians to prescribe controlled substances?

    Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA)

    Which of the following describes a wrong and unlawful act performed y a physician?


    A legal, valid contract may include all of the following EXCEPT

    Any 2 individual

    Which of the following terns describes written statements made to damage a individual's reputation?


    All of the following actions many result in revocation of a physician's licences EXCEPT:

    Prescribing legal drugs

    A healthcare agent with durable power of attorney is

    The person chosen to make the final decisions about the patient's end-of-life healthcare

    Which of the following situation is NOT considered to be a reportable incidence?

    Case of bronchitis

    The Occupational Safety and Health Act was legislation passed to ensure all of the following EXCEPT:

    More control for employers over employee non-worker hours

    Which of the following federal agencies was formed as the first attempt to establish consumer protection in the manufacture of drugs and foods?

    FDA (Food Drug Administration)

    The Clinical Laboratory Improvement Act of 1988 was developed for all the following reasons EXCEPT:

    To increase the waiting time for specimen results

    All of the following accommodations may be made o comply with the regulation s recommended in the Americans with Disabilities Act EXCEPT:

    Replacing stairs with elevators in all buildings

    Which of the following terms states that a physician is liable for the negligent actions of any employee working under his or her supervision?

    Respondeat superior

    The process of preparing documents by converting dictated physician notes into written documents is called


    Which of the following would be the bet salutation to use in a business letter?

    Best regards

    Which device protects a computer from electrical damage?

    Surge protector

    All of the following are examples of computer hardware EXCEPT:

    System software

    Which of the following is a pointing device that notifies the user where the next letter, number, or symbol will be placed?


    Which of the following is NOT a subjective symptom?


    Who owns a patient's medial record?

    The information in the record is owned by the patient, and the physician or medical facility that created the record owns the paper medical record.

    Medical records are used for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

    To keep track of the patient's financial transactions.

    Medical records are classified as

    Closed, active, or inactve

    Which type of medical record filing system offers the most privacy?


    All of the following are advantages of the numeric filing system EXCEPT:

    An alphabetic card system

    All of the following statements describe strict chronological filing EXCEPT:

    The problem list is arranged according to the patient's past history

    Which of the following would be considered an example of objective clinical evidence?

    High blood pressure, elevated temperature, and swollen ankle

    All of the following should be considered when selecting new file cabinets for a medical office EXCEPT:

    Whether or not the office uses color-coded files

    Which type of mail should be used when proof is needed that patient received a letter sent by physician's office?

    Certified mail

    How many digits are contained in the ZIP+4?


    Where on an envelope should notations such as "Confidential" and "Personal" be included?

    Typed directly below the return address

    Th correct USPS abbreviation for the state of Maine is:


    The procedure to follow when opening mail is to

    Place the most important mail on top

    Annotating is:

    Jotting down notes about an action needed to be taken in the letter's margins

    Which of the following should be placed on the top when sorting incoming mail?

    A letter marked "Personal"

    Which of the following patients should be seen first if all of them arrived at the walk-in-center at approximately at the same time?

    A 56-year-old male with dyspnea

    Which type of scheduling system schedules three patients at the beginning of each hour?


    CPT codes are used to code


    Medicare Part B overs all of the following EXCEPT:

    inpatient hospital visits

    Which part of Medicare provides prescription?

    Part D

    TRICARE was formerly known as


    Which of the following coding systems is used to identify and code diseases on insurance claims?


    Which type f ICD-9-CM code is used to classify external causes of poisoing and injuries?

    E codes

    Which terms is used when describing the amount of money owed by the medical office for products and services purchased on credit?

    Accounts payable

    The role of the medical assistant when checking in a patient is to

    Confirm office coverage for patient's insurance plan

    When an insurance policy pays a percentage of the balance after application of the deductible, it is referred to as


    When more than one policy pays on a claim, it is called

    Coordination of benefits

    When both parents (married) are covered by health insurance, claims for the family are paid according to the

    Birthday rule

    A method of containing hospital costs has been adopted with a system called


    Which of the following is NOT a federal health insurance program or state health insurance program?


    What percentage will medicare pay on an allowed claim?


    Mrs Lee, a patient of Dr. Chad, is charged $80 for a visit. Medicare allows $60 for this visit and paid $48. Because Mrs. Lee has already met her yearly deductible, how much will she have to pay the physician?


    Which volumes of the ICD-9-CM books are needed for coding diagnoses in the medical office?

    Volume 1 and 2

    Place the following medical records in alphabetic order:

    2, 3, 4, 1

    Codes that cannot stand alone are

    E codes

    Insurance policies that include coverage on a fee-for-service basis are called:

    Traditional insurance policies

    Which of the following will happen to an insurance claim when the coding is incorrectly entered on the insurance form?

    The claim will e denied, and the physician will not receive payment

    Which of the following is the final step to the aging and collection process for a patient with private insurance?

    Send an overdue notice with the intent of turning the bill over to a collection agency if not paid promptly

    Non-duplication of benefits means that:

    Benefits will be coordinated between two separate insurance companies

    Medical expenses for a patient injured at his or her place of employment should be sent to

    Workers' compensation insurance

    Which of the following information wold be listed on the front portion of a patient's medicare card?

    The name of the beneficiary and the patient's ID number

    Which of the following individuals would require the consent of an adult before treatment may be given by a physician?

    A 15-year-old girl living with her parents

    Which of the following criteria is an example of the clustering style of scheduling?

    Scheduling a well-baby clinic for Tuesday mornings from 10:00AM to 11:00AM and performing school physicals one morning per week

    Which scheduling style utilizes any method or combination of methods that works best for the individual office?


    Which of the following best describes the prior permission or approval needed from an insurance carrier before a patient may be treated or have a specific procedure performed by the physician?


    Which of the following would be an example of an accounts receivable?

    Charges for a patient's office visit

    A one-write, or write-it-once, bookkeeping system is also referred to as a

    Pegboard system

    All of the following are ways to help in the collection process of accounts receivable EXCEPT:

    Allowing three months to pass before billing the patient for the office visit

    Which of the following is the safest type of check endorsement?

    Restrictive endorsement

    Payroll documents of employees need to be kept for a minimum of

    4 years

    The money collected through contributions to the Federal Insurance Contribution Act (FICA) is used for all of the following EXCEPT:

    Unemployment insurance

    Which type of insurance is usually purchased to cover catastrophic illness and injuries?

    Major medical

    The usual fee charged by a physician is

    The amount a physician charges for a service or procedure

    Which law protects consumers by requiring full disclosure of any additional charges that may apply to a bill, such as interest?


    Which of the following statements is NOT true about patient referrals?

    They may be made without preauthorization from the insurance carrier

    Which of the following statements describes a patient advocate?

    A liaison between patient and healthcare provider

    Which of the following terms may be defined as the science of designing equipment in a workplace to help workers reach maximum productivity and reduce fatigue and discomfort?


    Which of these laws or organization developed rules regarding the proper handling of blood products and other infectious material such as wearing gloves, gowns, and goggles?

    Center for Disease Control and Prevention

    All of the following are requirements for safety in the medical office EXCEPT

    Exits marked only in Braille

    Which of the following is NOT an example of biohazardous substance?


    All of the following are bookkeeping guidelines EXCEPT

    Completing bookkepping once every two weeks

    All of the following statements are true about the encounter form EXCEPT:

    An encounter form is considered the universal insurance claim form

    Which of the following medications should be included on a crash cart?

    Furosemide (Lasix)

    After delivering a shock with the AED, the medical assistant should

    Immediately resume chest compressions cycled with resure breathing

    An AED is used to treat which of the following?

    Hearth arrhythmias

    The medical assistant is protected from liability during an emergency situation for all of the following reasons EXCEPT:

    The patient agrees to treatment

    The medical assistant is caring for a child with a painful, blistered burn on the arm from a hot liquid. The medical assistant should

    Apply ice directly to the burn and keep it there until the pain is relieved

    According to basic cardiac life support procedures, which of the following describes appropriate rescue breathing for an adult patient?

    One breath every 5 seconds

    To control bleeding or hemorrhaging, the medical assistant should initially

    Apply direct pressure

    Which burn destroys the epidermis and dermis. including the nerve endings?


    A strain is a

    Muscle injury

    Which of the following should be assessed first when rendering first aid?


    All of the following are common causes of breathing emergencies EXCEPT:


    According to the rule of nines, the amount of body surface represented by the head and neck is


    Shock is caused by

    A lack of blood flow and oxygen to body tissues

    What is seizures?

    An involuntary muscle contraction/relaxation

    Insulin shock causes

    Severe hypoglycemia

    When using an autoclave, which of the following is the minimum temperature necessary to sterilize medical instruments?

    250 (degree F) (121.1 degree C)

    Which of the following is one of the agencies that regulates the disposal of infectious waste outside the workplace?

    Environmental Protection Agency

    Which of the following terms describes complete destruction of all microorganisms?


    When a patient has taken a drug for an extended period of time, the desired effect may lessen or will not occur at all. This is called


    Which of the following agencies is responsible for enforcing the Controlled Substance Act?

    Drug Enforcement Administration

    Which of the following is a drug used to lessen or prevent the effects of a disease?


    Which of the following food types is the best protein source?


    Which of the following is the best source of calcium and Vitamin D?

    Diary products

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