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  • Surgical removal of the uterus


    Excessive amount of menstrual flow


    Prefix "myelo"


    Suffixes mean "softening"


    abnormal enlargement of the liver


    Prefix "pachy"


    Instrumental used to view the interior of the ear canal is known as

    An Otoscope

    Inflammation of the brain


    Suffix "rupture"


    Condition of total paralysis affecting only one side of the body?



    Nothing by mouth

    K level



    Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease


    Upper respiratory infection


    Pupils equal, round, reactive to light and accommodation

    Superior means that a body part is

    Above another part, or closer to the head

    Which of the following is sometimes called the coronal plane

    Frontal plane

    Shingles is known as

    Herpes zoster



    Spinal cord injury in which paralysis is on one side of the body


    Myocardial infraction

    Heart attack

    Myxedmea also known as


    Gland that produces oily secretions that lubricate the skin


    Function of the respiratory system

    Air exchange

    Body is in a state of equilibrium or balance


    Behavior modification is an application of which type of psychological theory?


    Uncovering irrational beliefs is an important part of what type of psychotherapy

    Cognitive therapy

    Not defense mechanism


    Elizabeth Kubler-Ross's 5 stages of grief:

    Denial, anger, bargaining, depression, acceptance

    Behavior of professional


    Which of the following attributes in a medical assistant does the patient does not look for


    Medical assistant's ability to adjust to abrupt changes in a medical office environment


    All of the following statements are true about a credentialed medical assistant EXCEPT

    A credential guarantees a job

    An example of providing privacy to a patient

    Knocking before entering the examination room

    The following are attributes of a professional EXCEPT

    Being limited to jobs only in the medical field

    Not a breach of patient confidentiality by the medical assistant

    Telling the patient's physician about the abnormal test results just received from the lab

    Active listening

    Restating what the patient has said to verify that you have understood him or her correctly

    Communicating with a visually impaired patient, medical assistant should

    introduce himself or herself to the patient when entering the room

    Which of the following statements is true about all elderly patients

    All elderly patients prefer to be treated with respect

    Not true for seriously ill patients

    The medical assistant should encourage the patient to think about happier times and forget about his or her illness

    Not true about cultural diversity

    All cultures use the same nonverbal body gestures

    Mentally impaired patients

    Should be spoken to directly in simple, easy-to-understand terms

    Not true about the barriers to communication


    When a child asks whether a procedure will hurt, the reply to the child should be

    Answered in simple, honest terms

    Various types of verbal and nonverbal methods that may be used to convey messages such as speaking, writing, and body language are referred to as


    Proper response a medical assistant should give to the statement "I can't wait until this operation is over?"

    "You seem worried about the operation. Am I correct?"

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