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  1. Lychees, roses, heady, high ETOH
    Deep golden, almost pinkish colour
  2. Full-bodied, soft tannins
    Leathery, earthy flavours
    Spicy notes
  3. Loire: Sancerre, Pouilly-Fume
    Too warm: lose it's aroma, acidity
    CA, AUS: too heavy
    NZ: with canopy management
    SA: cooler parts
    Bordeaux: blended with Semillon
  4. Eucalyptus, mint, menthol
  5. Banana, mango, fig
    Full-bodied, high ETOH
    Low acidity
  6. Very dark
    Aromas: raisins, fruit cake, toffee and coffee
  7. Northern Rhone, Condrieu-Chateau Grillet
  8. Barossa Valley, McLaren Vale
    Coonawarra, Hunter Valley
    Margaret River
  9. Hight Tannins
    Notes of black pepper and mint
  10. Carneros
    Russian River
  11. Douro Valley
  12. Softs the fruit and the acidty
    Butter and hazelnut
  13. Cahor: Known as Cot or Auxerrois, rustic, animal wines
    Mendoza: Velvety, concentrated, high ETOH
  14. Animal, blackberries, ETOH, tannic
  15. Spice and rich: Argentina
    Gamey: Cahor
  16. Hot climate: will ripen too fast and fail to develop flavour compounds
    Cote d'Or perfect place
  17. Only in warmish cliamtes
    Homeland: Medoc/Graves
    Northern CA
  18. Spain's most famous grape, Tinto Fino
    Ribera del Duero: lively, deep-flavoured
    Rioja: blended with Garnacha
    Catalunya: known as Ull de Llebre
    Navarra: blended with Bordeaux grapes
    Portugal: known as Tinta Roriz, port
  19. Chile
    NE Italy
  20. High acidity
    Green, herbaceous flavours
    Green pepper, grass, nettles
    Some fruitiness
    *passion fruit
  21. Grass, green fruits, razor-sharp
  22. Italy: Moscot Bianco for Asti
    AUS: strong, sweet, sticky
    Spain: Moscatel
  23. Cherry, raspberry, soft, light tannins
  24. Pale, sweet, ripe
  25. Tar, roses, violets, orange with black tints
    High tannins when ripe
  26. Black cherry, black olive
  27. Can be grown and ripened almost everywhere except most extreme
  28. Blackcurrant, black cherry, black olive cedar, green capsicum, mint, eucalyptus, menthol, high tannin
  29. Very steely
    Medium-Light body
    High acidity
    Apple, pear, green plum
  30. Extremely versatile, honey, straw
  31. More citrus and peach
  32. Lively, light, Chardonnay-like, low in acidity
  33. Black pepper, dark chocolate, notable colour, tannin
  34. Northern Rhone valley: Hermitage, Cote-Rotie
    Southern France (w/ Grenache & Mourverdre)
    Aus: Most planted red grape
  35. Mosel:
    Fresh grape, apple
    Natural acidity balanaced with some sugar
  36. Harvest early
    Medium body, ETOH
    Higher acidity
    Fresh red fruit: raspberry, ripe strawberry, some vegetal, leafy aromas
  37. Heady, full-bodied, spice, hawthorn blossom, apricots, delicate perfume
    Mineral flavours
    Delicate peach, pear, violet aromas
    rich mouthfeel, silky texture
    Low acidity, high ETOH
  38. Most plantetd grape in Bordeaux, best in Pomerol
    More ETOH in warm vintages
    NE Italy
    Chile: very popular
  39. Not very aromatic
    Hints of peach and grapefruit
  40. Figs, citrus, lanolin, full-bodied, rich
  41. Loire: Chinon, Bourgueil, Saumur-Champigny & Anjou-Villages
    St Emilion: cool, damp soils
    Medoc/Graves: insurance agains CS failure
    NZ: resistant to cold winters
    NE Italy: grassy
  42. Gisborne
  43. strawberry, violets, game, mid-ruby hue
    vegetal, farmyard aromas
  44. Aromatic, delicate, racy, expressive
  45. Rhone: white Hermitage
    Southern Rhone
    AUS, Victoria
    CA: Central Coast
  46. Broad, inoffensive unless over-oaked, can be rich and buttery
  47. Germany:
    *great botrytized wines, and firm dry
    *Mosel, Nahe, Rheingau, Pfalz
    Wachau in Austria
    *Aus: Clare and Eden Valleys
  48. Tobacco leaves, spice, leather
  49. Firm, Bordeaux-like, slightly green sometimes
  50. Bandol, Provence
    Souther France
    South AUS
    Adds flesh to GSM
    Spain, Monastrell second most planted grape
  51. NZ: Martinborough, Central Otago, Marlboro
    CA: Carneros and Sonoma
    Aus: Yarra Valley
  52. Acidity
    Perfumed fruit
  53. Citrus, meon, peach
  54. Backcurrant, green capsicum, mint cedar
  55. Southern Rhone: most planted grape, blended with Mourvedre, Syrah and Cinsault
    Roussillon: with Grenache Blanc and Grenache Gris=Vins Doux Naturels
    Spain: Garnacah, most planted grape
  56. Plump, soft and plummy, less tannic, more opulent
  57. Full, golden, smoky, pungent
    Rich-textured, oily
    High ETOH
    Low acidity
  58. Grapey, simple, sweet
    Unaged: grape, peach, rose and citrus aromasM
  59. Leafily aromatic, refreshing, rarely heavy
  60. Italy, Pinot Bianco
    Alsace: everyday, inoffensive grape
    Germany: Trockenbeerenauslesen, rich
    Austria: Weissburgunder
    Alto Adige: Full-bodied
  61. Alsace: noble grape, finest examples here
    NZ: Tasmania, Marlborough
  62. Almond, marzipan aromas, very full-bodied
    richness, weight
  63. Adelaide Hills
    Mornington Peninsula
  64. Piemonte (Barolo, Barbaresco)
  65. Middle Loire: btw Muscadet and Upper Loire
    CA and SA: ordinary
  66. Germany: too mcuh
    Alsace: most revered
    NZ: east coast
    Alto Adige
  67. Very high tannins and ETOH, fireworks, porty