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  1. What is the red grape name Blaufrankisch called in Croatia?
  2. What are 2 other names for the red grape Nebbiolo grape?
  3. What grape variety is a mutation of the red grape Pinot Noir?
  4. In Italy was is the name for the following grapes:
    1. Pinot Noir
    2. Pinot Gris
    3. Gewurtztraminer
  5. What red grape is blended with Cabernet Sauvignon in Australia?
  6. What grape variety is a mutation of the white grape Pinot Gris?
  7. What grape was created by the crossing of the red gaped named Blaufrankisch and the red grape named St. Laurent?
  8. What is the scientific name for the North American native grape that is the second most common grape used to make wine in the world?
  9. What does autochthonous mean?
  10. What white grape, if aged, is best aged in old Oak?
  11. What is the 3rd grape of Burgundy?
  12. What is the German word for Pinot Blanc?
  13. Name the 3 red grapes in G-S-M?
  14. What red grape is a cross between 2 red grapes named Blaufrankisch and St. Laurent?
  15. When considering wines what does green mean?
  16. Which grape is mistaken for Carmenere?
  17. What does the phrase "Sauvignon Blanc with fume Blanc" mean?
  18. What is the scientific name for the European grape used to make most wines in the world that was first developed in the Caucasus?
  19. Name 3 grapes which originated from the red grape name Crljenak Kastenlanski?
  20. Name a red grape and a white grape which originated from Burgundy that are considered International grapes?
  21. Name 3 mutations of the white grape Muscat?
  22. Pinotage is a cross from what 2 grapes?
  23. In order, What are the German terms the for the following grapes:
    1. Pinot Noir
    2. Pinot Gris
    3. Pinot Blanc
    4. Pinot Meunier
  24. What red grape ripens early in Bordeaux?
  25. What common indigenous grape of Italy that does NOT grow around the Montepulciano village in Italy?
  26. What white grape has 3 different names in 3 different areas of Portugal and where are they named?
  27. What grape is blended with Mazuelo and other reds in Rioja, Spain
  28. What is the grape variety has the most vines planted in the world?
  29. Pinot Grigio is called by 2 different names in Germany, what are they?
  30. The 4 most common grapes that are considered International grapes originated from which country?
  31. Name 2 red grapes which originated from Bordeaux that are considered International grapes?
  32. What does Red Meritage mean?
  33. What color of grape is Negroamaro which is common in Italy?
  34. What red grape ripens in cool climate?
  35. What white grape can have a intense floral aroma, petrol scent, makes dessert wines from late-harvest botrytis and is naturally high acid?
  36. What is a crossing referring to grape propagation?
  37. The red grape Cabernet Sauvignon is a cross from what 2 grapes?
  38. What red grape can be made into a wine that oxidizes quickly having a salmon or orange tinge?
  39. What grape is a cross between red grape Syrah and red grape Peloursin?
  40. Name 3 different hybrids between Vitis vinifera and Vitis labrusca
  41. In Austria and Germany, the Pinot Blanc grape is called?
  42. What are 2 other names for red grape Melon de Bougogne?
  43. What white grape variety is adaptable to climate and can be made into still or sparkling, dry to sweet and is high acid in cool climate?
  44. What are 2 other names for the red Mourvedre grape and where are they used?
  45. What white grape variety is easy to grow, benefits with interaction with wood, rarely made sweet, improves with age?
  46. What white grape is usually made into vins doux natural in southern France?
  47. What white grape is an ancient grape and is in nearly every region of the world?
  48. What neutral white grape is used to make Brandy and Cognac?
  49. What are 3 other names for the red grape Sangiovese grape?
  50. What 2 grapes are planted in almost every wine growing region of the world?
  51. What is the term for a plant developing different characteristics?
  52. List 7 other names for the red grape Tempranillo grape and where are they used?
  53. What is a clone when referring to grapes?
  54. Name the white grape from the upper Rhone River, which is rich and viscous?
  55. What red grape is most respected?
  56. What is the German word for Pinot Noir?
  57. What is the red Durif grape called in the United States?
  58. What red grape is used in blending of Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot in Bordeaux?
  59. What is the white Viura grape called in Spain?
  60. What grape is the state signature of the of Virginia?

    Hint: Begins with a V
  61. What does White Meritage mean?
  62. Name the 5 commonly grown grapes that produce wines that change the most in character based on terroir?

    Hint: The 4 international grapes and Malbec
  63. What red grape is the closest to Primitivo?
  64. Name the North American insect that nearly wipe out all of the European grape species that is used to make wine?
  65. Name the 2 white grapes from Portugal which has different names in Rias Baixas, Spain?
  66. What is the white grape names Chasselas called in Hungary?
  67. What white grape is low acid, a blending partner with Chardonnay in Australia and with Sauvignon Blanc in Bordeaux?
  68. What is the white grape named Fendant called in Switzerland?
  69. What is a variety when referring to grapes?
  70. What is a hybrid?
  71. What is the white grape named Welschriesling called in Croatia?
  72. What is the red grape Trebbanio grape called in France?
  73. What white grape is most aromatic with perfume of flowers and spice, first recorded in Italian Alps and is now popular in Alsace?
  74. What color are the 3 grapes Assyriko, Moschofilero and Rhoditis which are common in Greece?
  1. a white grape Macabeo
  2. b Phylloxera
  3. c Ugni Blanc
  4. d white grape Chardonnay
  5. e blending of 2 Bordeaux red grapes
  6. f 1. red grape Pinot Noir
    2. white grape Chardonnay
  7. g white grape Gewurztraminer
  8. h red grape Cabernet Sauvignon
  9. i white
  10. j red grape Cabernet Franc
  11. k 1. red grape Gernache
    2. red grape Syrah
    3. red grape Mouvedre
  12. l red grape Zinfandel
  13. m Chasselas
  14. n 1. white grape Seyval Blanc
    2. white grape Vidal Blanc
    3. red grape Baco Noir
  15. o Muscat
  16. p Montepulciano grape
  17. q 1. Grauburgunder
    2. Rulander
  18. r red grape Merlot
  19. s white grape Chenin Blanc
  20. t 1. red grape Cabernet Franc
    2. white grape Sauvignon Blanc
  21. u Vitis labrusca
  22. v 1. white grape Muscat Blanc a Petit Grains
    2. white grape Muscat of Alexander
    3. white grape Muscat Ottonel
  23. w 1. Spanna
    2. Chiavennasca
  24. x blending of 2 Bordeaux white grapes
  25. y red grape Shirah
  26. z unripen grapes
  27. aa red grape Zweigelt
  28. ab 1. red grape Cabernet Sauvignon
    2. white grape Saviginon Blanc
    3. white grape Chardonnay
    4. red grape Merlot
    5. red grape Malbec
  29. ac red grape Tempranillo
  30. ad Subspecies
  31. ae Viogner
  32. af white grape Sauvignon Blanc with oak influence
  33. ag 1. red grape Spatburguner
    2. white grape Gauer Burgunder
    3. white grape Weissburgunder
    4. red grape Schwarzriesling
  34. ah white grape Riesling
  35. ai Frankovka
  36. aj red
  37. ak 1. Cabernet Sauvignon
    2. Merlot
  38. al Merlot
  39. am white grape Weissburgunder
  40. an France
  41. ao 1. Pinot Nero
    2. Pinot Grisio
    3. Traminer
  42. ap 1. Brunello
    2. Prugnolo Gentile
    3. Morellino
  43. aq white grape Airen
  44. ar 1. Loureiro - Loureira (Rias Baixas)
    2. Alvarinho - Albarino (Rias Baixas)
  45. as red grape Grenache
  46. at white grape Sauvignon Blanc
  47. au 1. Monastrell - Spain
    2. Mataro - United States
  48. av 1. Tinta del Toro - Toro
    2. Tinta del Pais - Ribera del Duero and Cigales
    3. Ull de Lebre - Catalonia
    4. Cencibel - La Mancha and Valdepenas
    5. Aragonez - Portugal
    6. Tinta Roriz - Douro Valley in Portugal
    7. Valdepenas - United States
  49. aw red grape Pinot Noir
  50. ax 1. red grape Cabernet Sauvignon
    2. white grape Muscat
  51. ay 1. Primitivo in Italy
    2. Zinfandel in US
    3. Plavac Mali in Croatia
  52. az Petite Sirah
  53. ba when 2 subspecies combine to make an offspring
  54. bb red grape Spatburgunder
  55. bc Zweigelt
  56. bd Fendant
  57. be white grape Ugni Blanc
  58. bf indigenous or native
  59. bg white grape Pinot Blanc
  60. bh white grape Muscat
  61. bi white grape Pinot Gris
  62. bj white grape Viogner
  63. bk Mutation
  64. bl when 2 species combine to make an offspring
  65. bm Grasevinia
  66. bn white grape Aligote
  67. bo Weissburgunder
  68. bp 1. Verdelho - Madeira
    2. Gouveio - Vinho Verde
    3. Godello - rest of Portugal
  69. bq 1. red grape Pinot Noir
    2. red grape Cinsault
  70. br A grape vine plant that is genetically identical to another grape vine plant.
  71. bs white grape Semillion
  72. bt red grape Durif
  73. bu 1. Muscadet
    2. Mucadelle
  74. bv Vitis vinifera