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  1. Hydrogen Sulfide usually smells like?
  2. What is the long name for TCA?
  3. What wine fault causes browning?
  4. What wine fault smells sweaty or horsy?
  5. What wine fault is associated with very low-acid or excess sulfur?
  6. TCA usually smells like?
  7. What wine fault can be caused by lack of oxygen?
  8. What is Brettanmyces?
  9. What wine fault smells nutty or caramelized?
  10. What can cause a wine to smell like leaves?
  11. Brett is short for?
  12. What wine fault is less now than previously?
  13. What wine fault smells like rancid butter or spoiled cheese?
  14. What is another name for Mercaptan?
  15. Sulfur Dioxide in wine can cause what sensation?
  16. Which wine fault is very serious?
  17. What wine fault is from excessive heating?
  18. What wine fault smells like fingernail polish?
  19. What causes the moldy wine fault?
  20. What wine fault smells bitter, or like grape stems?
  21. What 5 wine faults originate from bacteria?
  22. What wine fault smells like Geraniums?
  23. How low of a threshold can most people detect TCA?
  24. What wine fault increases if wine sits too long in absence of oxygen?
  25. What wine fault smells cooked or baked?
  26. TCA causes what common fault term in wines?
  27. What 3 wine faults are from Sulfur compounds?
  28. Define wine fault?
  29. Name the process when acetic acid combines with ethanol?
  30. Sulfur Dioxide usually smells like?
  31. TCA originates most commonly from?
  32. What wine fault smells like sauerkraut or a goat?
  33. What wine fault is acceptable in Sparking and some other wines?
  34. What wine fault smell yeasty or leesy?
  35. What wine fault smells like wet cardboard?
  1. a being corked or having cork taint
  2. b Brettanmyces
  3. c mold from bark of the cork tree
  4. d Ethyl Mercaptan
  5. e Brettanomyces
  6. f Yeasty or Leesy
  7. g wine in contact with dead yeast too long
  8. h burning sensation in throat and nose
  9. i cork taint
  10. j Mercaptan
  11. k Hydrogen Sulfide
  12. l Reduction or Reductive
  13. m rotten eggs
  14. n Oxidation
  15. o 2, 4, 6 Trichloroanisole
  16. p rubbery odor
  17. q Acetaldehyde
  18. r Musty or moldy
  19. s Lactic Acid
  20. t Maderized which is excessive heating or oxidation
  21. u A wine fault is an unpleasant characteristic of a wine often resulting from poor winemaking practices or storage conditions, and leading to wine spoilage. (from wikipedia)
  22. v Maderized
  23. w 1. Sulfur Dioxide
    2. Hydrogen Sulfide
    3. Mercaptan
  24. x Butryic Acid
  25. y incomplete Malolactic fermentation
  26. z Ehtyl Acetate
  27. aa 2 to 7 parts per trillion
  28. ab 1. Acetic Acid
    2. Butryic Acid
    3. Lactic Acid
    4. Ethyl Acetate
    5. Geranium
  29. ac TCA or Cork Taint
  30. ad burnt matches
  31. ae a yeast
  32. af moldy grapes or moldy barrel.
  33. ag Stemmy
  34. ah using under ripe grapes
  35. ai Ascensence