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2. Wine Faults flashcards |

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  • Define wine fault?

    A wine fault is an unpleasant characteristic of a wine often resulting from poor winemaking practices or storage conditions, and leading to wine spoilage. (from wikipedia)

    What is the long name for TCA?

    2, 4, 6 Trichloroanisole

    TCA usually smells like?

    Musty or moldy

    TCA causes what common fault term in wines?

    being corked or having cork taint

    TCA originates most commonly from?

    mold from bark of the cork tree

    How low of a threshold can most people detect TCA?

    2 to 7 parts per trillion

    Sulfur Dioxide usually smells like?

    burnt matches

    Sulfur Dioxide in wine can cause what sensation?

    burning sensation in throat and nose

    Hydrogen Sulfide usually smells like?

    rotten eggs

    What wine fault has increased because of screw caps?

    Hydrogen Sulfide

    What wine fault increases if wine sits too long in absence of oxygen?

    Hydrogen Sulfide

    What wine fault increases if wine rests too long in a tank with yeast sediment?

    Hydrogen Sulfide

    What wine fault is a combination of sulfur and ethanol?


    What is another name for Mercaptan?

    Ethyl Mercaptan

    What wine fault smells like garlic and onions?


    Which wine fault is very serious?


    What 3 wine faults are from Sulfur compounds?

    1. Sulfur Dioxide
    2. Hydrogen Sulfide
    3. Mercaptan

    What 5 wine faults originate from bacteria?

    1. Acetic Acid
    2. Butryic Acid
    3. Lactic Acid
    4. Ethyl Acetate
    5. Geranium

    What wine fault smells like rancid butter or spoiled cheese?

    Butryic Acid

    What wine fault smells like sauerkraut or a goat?

    Lactic Acid

    What wine fault smells like fingernail polish?

    Ehtyl Acetate

    Name the process when acetic acid combines with ethanol?


    What wine fault smells like Geraniums?

    incomplete Malolactic fermentation

    What wine fault smells sweaty or horsy?


    What wine fault smells like a Band-aid or medicinal?


    Brett is short for?


    What is Brettanmyces?

    a yeast

    What can cause a wine to smell like leaves?

    using under ripe grapes

    What wine fault smells nutty or caramelized?


    What wine fault smells cooked or baked?

    Maderized which is excessive heating or oxidation

    What wine fault is from excessive heating?


    What wine fault is associated with very low-acid or excess sulfur?

    rubbery odor

    What wine fault smells like wet cardboard?

    cork taint

    What wine fault causes browning?


    What wine fault smell yeasty or leesy?

    wine in contact with dead yeast too long

    What wine fault is acceptable in Sparking and some other wines?

    Yeasty or Leesy

    What wine fault can be caused by lack of oxygen?

    Reduction or Reductive

    What wine fault smells like rotten eggs, garlic, struck matches, cabbage, or burnt rubber?

    Reduction or Reductive

    What wine fault smells bitter, or like grape stems?


    What causes the moldy wine fault?

    moldy grapes or moldy barrel.

    What wine fault is less now than previously?

    TCA or Cork Taint

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