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  1. According to David McClelland's acquired needs theory, which of the following would be LEAST important to an individual with a high need for power?Maastricht Treaty


  2. The stage in an organization's change process that involves challenging the status quo by pointing out the ways in which the current system is lacking is known asstatus quo


  3. According to Henry Mintzberg, which of the following is NOT a decisional managerial role?Monitor


  4. An employee is LEAST likely to attain a goal thatis vague


  5. Which of the following best describes a situation where two international firms that are traditionally competitors decide to work cooperatively and modify their products to meet foreign market demands?A standing plan


  6. A top-level manager would most likely be involved in devising which of the following goal types?Strategic goal


  7. When an employee asks her manager for a salary increase, it is an example ofpersonal power


  8. The 14 principles of management were developed bymaking a job more interesting


  9. Which of the following is NOT a valid comparison between group decision making and individual decision making?Individual decision-making processes are usually more time-consuming than group decision-making processes.


  10. Organizational development would be an example of what kind of plan?Demotion


  11. A law mandating that employers make special efforts to promote and hire members of protected groups is known asFrederick Herzberg


  12. Which of the following types of management is responsible for monitoring the conversion of inputs to outputs?Operations


  13. All of the following EXCEPT which is a criterion for a group to be considered a team?Rewards and their methods of attainment should be uniform for all comparable recipients


  14. As a business expands, it will tend to becomeachievable


  15. Which of the following is a tool designed to determine an individual's mental and emotional preferences for dealing with common issues?It has a definable chain of command.


  16. Which of the following is NOT an effect of an increase in the use of computer technology in the workplace?Implementing programs quickly and inexpensively


  17. Bureaucracies are traditionally known for beingformal procedures and rules


  18. The European Union was established by which of the following?procedure-based


  19. Kyle's manager has passed him over for a promotion many times because she believes that he lacks leadership skills. As a result, Kyle now assumes a passive role when working in a team environment. What is this situation an example of?Pygmalion effect


  20. Which of the following explains the relevance of figures that appear on financial statements as well as the relationships between certain figures?Demotion


  21. Each of the following helps to encourage innovation EXCEPTDemotion


  22. Which of the following would be an example of a change in a restaurant manager's internal environment?Having students take a standardized admissions exam


  23. The existing condition in an organization is known as thestatus quo


  24. If a college student signed up for a course based on the recommendation of an advisor who has always made wise suggestions in the past, which type of power would the advisor have?Expert


  25. Which of the following statements about the laissez-faire style of leadership is valid?It works best with a motivated, experienced and skilled team.


  26. An employee's benefits package may include
    I. salary

    II. vacation time

    III. a bonus


  27. The formal right that a manager possesses to delegate responsibility, make decisions and allocate resources is known asHenri Fayol


  28. A decision-making technique that shows a complete picture of several alternative decision paths is called a(n)brainstorming


  29. Which type of authority can defy the unity of command principle?Functional authority


  30. Reengineering brings about improvement in quality byradically restructuring processes to bring about fast change


  31. A tax that is placed on a country's or region's imports and/or exports as a result of a political event is known as a(n)tariff


  32. An employee can refer to a work schedule to find out all of the following EXCEPTcanceling the employee worker's compensation insurance


  33. Which of the following statements regarding the stages of team development is valid?Teams enter the storming phase with clarity about what their team's mission is.


  34. Among the following steps, which would be the first step in the process of seeing if a job candidate is suitable for a position?Management becomes more hierarchical.


  35. All managers can be considered to be what type of managers?more hierarchical


  36. Laura and Sal are both customer service representatives. Laura works from 8 am to 3 pm daily, and Sal works from 10 am to 5 pm daily. This situation is an example offlextime


  37. A system's tendency to go toward inefficiency if left to its own devices is known asresponsibility


  38. According to Total Quality Management (TQM), what would the relationship be between a stereo manufacturer and a retail store salesperson that sells the stereo?Products


  39. Philip B. Crosby proposed all of the following EXCEPT which in his 14-point program?Overall work output


  40. An incentive-based pay system is based on an employee'sperformance


  41. Which of the following would NOT be considered a separation?A secretary who can grant approval for use of the conference room


  42. Management theorist Peter Drucker believes that which of the following is key to good leadership?Consistency


  43. Expert power and referent power can both be described as forms ofpersonal power


  44. Which situation would be most likely to require more than one channel of communication?It has a definable chain of command.


  45. An electronics company strives to be the first company out with the latest technological advancements. What kind of strategy is it employing?funds that have been allocated to a project


  46. Which of the following statements about communication in the workplace is valid?Communication flows upwards, downwards and horizontally


  47. A school begins using a computerized database to locate alumni. The initiation of this tracking system represents what kind of change?Demotion


  48. Which of the following most likely represents a lapse in business social responsibility?It has a definable chain of command.


  49. Which of the following strategies for managing conflict involves calls for a direct verbalizing of the conflict at hand?The employee was not responsible for losing the job.


  50. Which management theory most directly addresses the human dimension of the workplace?Communication flows upwards, downwards and horizontally


  51. Job enlargement can motivate employees byformal procedures and rules


  52. A government-imposed regulation that sets a limit for the importation of a certain product in a given year is a(n)low-level concern with people and high-level concern with production


  53. An effective goal should beachievable


  54. Which of the following is a network scheduling system designed to speed up the process of project management?PERT


  55. Which of the following is an example of an indirectly interactive force in a manager's external environment?Rewards and their methods of attainment should be uniform for all comparable recipients


  56. A multinational company has concerns about acquiring the raw materials it needs in a foreign country. Its concerns pertain to which of the following environments?Differentiation strategy


  57. The relationship between the positions at a company and its employees can best be determined by consulting a(n)performance


  58. Which stage of team development is characterized by conflict and competitiveness?Storming


  59. Bureaucracies are characterized byachievable


  60. Joseph Juran believed that most quality problems are the fault ofprocedure-based


  61. Which of the following is NOT characteristic of an informal organization?It has a definable chain of command.


  62. The consistent line of relationships from the top to the bottom of an organization is called theThe impact of illumination on factory worker output


  63. Which of the following helps to reduce customer waiting time and costs by properly allocating workstations and human resources?Focus on practical options


  64. Which of the following is a criterion for an employee to be eligible for unemployment insurance?Improvement to management information systems (MIS)


  65. Which of the following components of an e-business is included under the term e-commerce?Sales


  66. A single-use plan is an example of a(n)achievable


  67. According to the systems management theory, which of the following would NOT be considered to be an input?Monitor


  68. An employee's performance appraisal can be used to justify all of the following EXCEPTMaastricht Treaty


  69. Which of the following would be an example of a feedforward control by a university?Having students take a standardized admissions exam


  70. Firms that continually evolve and encourage employees to improve performance based on their experiential lessons are calledFocus on practical options


  71. A formal statement of complaint about a situation, usually made by an employee or group of employees to management it is called a(n)grievance


  72. An organizational culture that emphasizes adherence to authority is most likely characterized by which of the following?Economic


  73. Which of the following is NOT one of the elements of an effective reward system?It has a definable chain of command.


  74. According to the Blake-Mouton managerial grid model, the authoritarian leadership style is characterized bylow-level concern with people and high-level concern with production


  75. The kind of power that lies in the authority granted to a formally assigned position is known asresponsibility


  76. An organization is most likely to be decentralized under which of the following circumstances?Strategic goal


  77. Which of the following is an example of how a manager can employ boundary spanning?Improvement to management information systems (MIS)


  78. Each of the following is a level of Kohlberg's model of moral development EXCEPT:Sequential


  79. Which managerial function is characterized by a manager assigning employees tasks and granting them the authority to complete them?It has a definable chain of command.


  80. If a team leader believes that a lack of cohesiveness is hurting a team's performance, what would be the most effective action to take?Reward team accomplishments


  81. Answering for one's own actions and accepting responsibility for them is known asaccountability


  82. Which of the following is NOT a benefit of a company instituting a TQM (Total Quality Management) program?Communication flows upwards, downwards and horizontally


  83. Who among the following was NOT a contributor to the quality movement?Frederick Herzberg


  84. All of the following EXCEPT which is a result of employees becoming empowered?Management becomes more hierarchical.


  85. A team leader accepts credit for his team's successes but blames individual members for failures. What error of perception is he exhibiting?Reward team accomplishments


  86. The obligation that an employee is assuming when he accepts an assigned task is known asstatus quo


  87. When an employee is downgraded to a job with lesser significance, authority and responsibility, it is known as ais vague


  88. Which of the following provides new employees with basic information about the organization for which they are working?It has a definable chain of command.


  89. Which of the following individuals would have staff authority?It has a definable chain of command.


  90. Which of the following relationships were the Hawthorne experiments originally designed to study?Financial-ratio analysis


  91. As a result of outsourcing, all of the following EXCEPT which is likely to decrease?brainstorming


  92. Who among the following did NOT develop a theory regarding needs as motivational sources?Henry Mintzberg


  93. Which of the following is a characteristic of continuous-process production?
    I. It employs a large labor force.

    II. It has a rigid structure.

    III. It utilizes a highly automated system.
    It has a definable chain of command.


  94. At a certain organization, budgets are developed in such a way that each allocation must be justified by how it will contribute to the company's objectives. This arrangement is an example ofMaastricht Treaty


  95. A group working together to generate ideas is described asHenri Fayol


  96. If a retail sales manager instructs each salesperson to sell at least 12 cell phone plans each day, this would be an example of what kind of goal?Operational


  97. Which of the following is exempt from complying with the provisions of Title VII of the 1964 Civil Rights Act which deals with employment practices?A private employer of a 12-person staff


  98. Which of the following terms best describes a corporation's hiring policy?Having students take a standardized admissions exam


  99. Which school of management focuses on the human-based elements of work?Behavioral


  100. A collective bargaining agreement functions as which of the following?status quo