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  1. Isabel Myers and Katherine Briggs
  2. A trip
  3. cost leadership strategy
  4. Pygmalion effect
  5. Force-field analysis
  6. centralized
  7. operational plan
  8. should be avoided
  9. group activities that logically go together into as many departments as necessary
  10. Liquidity ratio
  11. Employees like to be empowered.
  12. satisfy all parties involved in a conflict
  13. The customer
  14. A vice-president reviewing a regional manager's demonstration at a conference
  15. Management becoming more centralized.
  16. Team members already have experience working together.
  17. Expansion
  18. Revise company policies
  19. Decentralized
  20. bargain collectively for workers through representatives of their own choosing
  21. employee transfer
  22. Human resources
  23. Some employees have two or more supervisors to whom they are directly accountable.
  24. Creativity
  25. Communicate with the employee regarding the issue.
  26. European Union (EU)
  27. Revisions made in company policies
  28. Being obedient to avoid punishment
  29. informal delegation
  30. maintains a high level of quality
  31. Carpet
  32. II and III only
  33. cliques
  34. It flows up the vertical hierarchy.
  35. expert power
  36. career development
  37. resister
  38. benefit
  39. horizontal communication
  40. Behavioral management theory
  41. Focus on the customer.
  42. the number of employees who report directly to the manager
  43. I, II, and III
  44. Analysis capacity
  45. Tactical plan
  46. MIS
  47. Some employees may end their work days earlier than other employees may.
  48. A written questionnaire
  49. high-level concern with people and low-level concern with production
  50. a third party being invited to facilitate a resolution of a dispute
  51. informal means of delegation
  52. refreezing
  53. An online retail store that sells apparel
  54. An experienced individual providing guidance to a less experienced individual.
  55. set of dependent tasks that together take the longest time to complete
  56. Single-use plan
  57. supervisors
  58. A cohesive group without groupthink
  59. Quantitative management
  60. Orientation training
  61. United Kingdom
  62. data processed in a meaningful way
  63. Team member commitment
  64. Employee union
  65. embargo
  66. supervisors
  67. A department assistant who can approve employee requests for vacation days
  68. Douglas McGregor
  69. I and II only
  70. The message sent and the interpretation of that message by the receiver are the same.
  71. It employs a large labor force.
  72. Wholly-owned subsidiary
  73. Classifying
  74. The employee's involvement in the decision to institute control measure
  75. Get an external audit
  76. job enrichment
  77. Involve the employee more in decisions that affect her assignments.
  78. An increase in layoffs
  79. top-down budgeting
  80. Appreciative inquiry
  81. 50%
  82. I, II, and III
  83. Executive champion
  84. Define the problem
  85. assess specific specialized skills that are not job-relevant
  86. People-centered
  87. Global strategic partnership
  88. Services
  89. Compromise
  90. Ensuring that a project is completed by a certain deadline
  91. accomplishment of low-level goals leads to the accomplishment of high-level goals
  92. Planning and controlling
  93. Budget
  94. Decentralized
  95. Having the store manager monitor the salesperson's interactions with customers
  96. an open system
  97. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)
  98. the authority to punish in ways such as demoting or firing employees
  99. Operate the business profitably
  100. twinning