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  1. diversity
  2. innovation
  3. Optimistic Time
  4. When a manager makes a decision the three ways to deal with risk are:
  5. globalization
  6. Decision Tree
  7. PERT Analysis
  8. Simulation
  9. Most Likely time
  10. Expected time
  11. forces that impact the key functions of management
  12. Payback Analysis
  13. TE =
  14. Pessimistic Time
  15. environmental scanning
  16. technology
  17. strategic planning process
  18. The Decision Making Process for Organizations
  19. ethics
  1. a moral principles that govern a person's or group's behavior
  2. b the length of time required under the worst conditions
  3. c The length of time required under optimal conditions
  4. d define the problem, define limiting factors, define alternatives, analyze alternatives, implement alternative, and control/evaluate
  5. e uncertainty, weighing the risks, certainty
  6. f (O + 4M + P )/ 6
  7. g environment made up of many different cultures and viewpoint
  8. h environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, strategy evaluation
  9. i the fastest-moving force on the four functions of management
  10. j the amount of time that you would expect it would take to complete an activity
  11. k A representation of a situation with a similar model in order to determine experimental results
  12. l introduction of new ideas
  13. m integration of cultures throughout the world
  14. n help a company or businessperson understand what they're dealing with out there in the real world. (SLEPT factors)
  15. o Program Evaluation and Review Technique - ESTIMATING the time it will take to complete a project by estimating the time each part will take to accomplish, then adding up all the parts
  16. p The average activity time.
  17. q helps you think through different possible aspects of the situation
  18. r technology, innovation, globalization, diversity, ethics
  19. s look at an investment and the anticipated savings or cost increase that will result from that investment