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  • participative or democratic leader

    describes a leader who includes subordinates in the decision making process by encouraging employees to be creative, innovative and engaged in projects

    subordinates are more involved and willing to work towards whatever decisions are made due to

    the vested interest they have as a result of being part of the decision making proces

    drawbacks of participative or democratic leader

    delayed decision making, employees' resentment when their ideas are not implemented and a lack of employee knowledge

    The participative leadership style is best when implemented in

    a team environment where productivity and efficiency take the back seat to quality

    participative/democratic leadership employees tend to have a higher level of ___________ and ___________ because they' feel valued by their manager and that what they say or feel actually matters.

    accountability and job satisfaction

    the participative/democratic style is considered ineffective in...

    a deadline driven environment and a team environment.

    authoritarian or autocratic leader

    control freaks; don't gather insights from subordinates (stalin)

    Charismatic Leader

    use their magnetic personalities and charm to gather followers; able to create a vision of the desired future and convince followers that they are the ones who will take them to that future state. (dominant, self-confident individuals who hold strong conviction for their beliefs) (obama)

    referent power

    power from attraction to the leader

    Charismatic leaders are often regarded as

    champions of organizational success

    charismatic leader's goals can cripple an organization by

    diminishing accountability, associating success with the leader, delaying decision-making, lose of resiliency

    situational leadership

    emerged out of the contingency school of management, which can be summarized as the 'it all depends' approach

    According to situational theorists, there are

    no universal behaviors or practices appropriate for all leadership scenarios.

    situational leader

    assess the leadership situation and the capacity of both the leader and his or her followers before choosing the appropriate management style for decision making (nurse)

    Situational leaders will adjust their style to accommodate any ___________ that surround the situation, themselves, and the subordinates

    Situational leaders will adjust their style to accommodate any limitations that surround the situation, themselves, and the subordinates

    Bureaucratic Leadership

    Following rules, policies and procedures meticulously is the most defining characteristic (slow-pace decisions)

    Bureaucratic leadership is useful in organizations where

    there are serious risks and also when employees perform routine tasks

    Blake Mouton Managerial Grid

    an assessment tool used by managers to determine their predominant leadership style (x-concern for production; y-concern for people)

    Concern for People

    the degree to which a leader considers the needs of employees when deciding how tasks or jobs should be done

    Concern for Production

    the degree to which a leader emphasizes objectives and productivity goals when deciding how tasks or jobs should be done.

    Country Club Leader

    high people concern and low production concern (happiness = hard work)

    Impoverished Leader

    low production and low people concern (minimum effort)

    Middle-of-the-road leader

    balanced, medium concern for both production and people. (avg. performance neither satisfied or dissatisfied)

    Produce or Perish Leader

    stresses high production with little concern for people (employee satisfaction)

    Team Leader

    stresses High Production from employees (strict rules; authoritarian)


    a manager's ability to influence others

    Personal power

    independent from the position a manager holds in an organization and rests solely in the individual in things such as a manager's personality, experience and special knowledge (referent or expert power)

    Expert power

    influence the behaviors of subordinates through their special knowledge, experience or skills relating to the work the subordinates must perform

    Positional Power

    a result of a manager's position within the organization (legitimate, reward, or coercive power)

    Legitimate power

    stems from the manager's position in the organization and the authority that lies in that position (formal authority)

    Reward Power

    power resulting from a manager's authority to provide rewards for staff members

    Coercive Power

    power that comes from the ability to punish

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