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  1. StrictureInflammation of the urinary bladder.


  2. AnasarcaPus in the urine.


  3. PyuriaPus in the urine.


  4. Interstitial CystitisChronic inflammation of the bladder mucosa.


  5. NephrectomyNarrowing.


  6. Renal ArteriogramGeneralized edema.


  7. Urine Protein TestExam to identify renal disease.


  8. End-Stage Renal DiseaseLess than 10% of nephron function remains.


  9. CystitisInflammation of the urinary bladder.


  10. Urinary DiversionStones in the urinary tract.


  11. FulgurationPus in the urine.


  12. CreatinineSubstance that results from breakdown of phosphocreatine.


  13. Chronic Renal FailureProgressive and irreversible damage to the nephrons.


  14. UrolithiasisStones in the urinary tract.


  15. CystoscopyInflammation of the urinary bladder.


  16. Blood Urea NitrogenProtein breakdown product.