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  1. Stones in the urinary tract.
  2. Inflammation of the urinary bladder.
  3. Removal of tumors through coagulation.
  4. Progressive and irreversible damage to the nephrons.
  5. Substance that results from breakdown of phosphocreatine.
  6. Generalized edema.
  7. Visual examination of the bladder.
  8. Narrowing.
  9. Less than 10% of nephron function remains.
  10. Study of the renal artery using dye.
  11. Protein breakdown product.
  12. Exam to identify renal disease.
  13. Redirection of urine to another collecting system.
  14. Chronic inflammation of the bladder mucosa.
  15. Surgical removal of a kidney.
  16. Pus in the urine.