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  1. Pink eye.
  2. The lens of the eye becoming opaque.
  3. A ringing in the ears.
  4. This eye disorder caused by an imbalance of aqueous fluid:
  5. This is distortion caused by an irregular shaped cornea:
  6. The ability to see images far away is called this:
  7. Inflammation of the inner ear is called this:
  8. This is a disease of inner ear that affects balance and hearing:
  9. Hearing loss caused by nerve impairment is called this:
  10. Nearsightedness.
  11. The breakdown or damage to the macula.
  12. The drooping of the eyelids is called this:
  13. Involuntary movement of the eyeball:
  14. This is impaired vision caused by aging:
  15. When lens of the eye changes shape to view objects this is occuring:
  16. This is a tumor on the nerve that connects the ear to the brain: