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  1. Coma and death (in 2 hrs if not treated) can occur with this Hyperthyroid state:
  2. This are inteventions used in Pts exp. a Thyrotoxic Crisis/Thyrotoxic Storm:
  3. This is why you don't give Thyroid Pts w/fever aspirin:
  4. This is a med. It is given to Pts exp. a Thyrotoxic Crisis/Thyrotoxic Storm to trt tachycardia & ctrl s/s:
  5. It it okay or not okay to give Thyroid Pts aspirin?
  1. a Thyrotoxic Crisis/Thyrotoxic Storm
  2. b Aspirin binds w/the same serum protein as T4, thus freeing up addl T4 into circulation. Give Acetaminophine for the fever
  3. c Pt is given oxygen, > HOB (the high metabolic state reqs more oxygen).
  4. d Not okay.
  5. e Propranolol/A Beta-Adrenergic blocker.