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  1. This is given to destroy a portion of the Thyroid Gland:
  2. This is given orally to suppress the release of TH:
  3. This med is given as one oral dose:
  4. These are the two types of a Thyroidectomy surgery:
  5. Grave's Disease causes these s/s:
  6. Older women get this type of Hyperthyroidism:
  7. This test is used to check for Grave's Disease:
  8. These are meds that inhibit the synthesis of TH: 1) Propylthiouracil/PTU 2) Methimazole/Tapazole. When/why are they used?
  9. Many s/s of Hyperthryoidism are r/t a hypo or a hyper metabolic state?:
  10. Name two tests used to check for Hyperthyroidism:
  11. This is when a problem within the Thyroid Gland causes excess hormone release:
  12. Excessive release of Thyroid Hormone is called this:
  13. This is true:
  14. These are types of Hyperthyroidism:
  15. This is a surgical procedure performed on the Thyroid Gland:
  16. It is important for Pts who are taking oral Radioactive Iodine to do this:
  17. This is a beta blocking med that is used to trt SNS s/s of Hyperthryroidism:
  18. The 'Radioactive Iodine Uptake Test' does this:
  19. These are meds that inhibit the synthesis of TH:
  20. Is TSH high or low in Primary Hyperthyroidism?
  21. Younger women get this type of Hyperthyroidism:
  22. This is a test used to check Hyperthyroidism:
  23. This is Hyperthyroidism:
  1. a Excessive release of Thyroid Hormone
  2. b Radioactive Iodine
  3. c It determines hyperactivity of the gland or is used to locate a nodule/tumor.
  4. d Thyroidectomy
  5. e 1) Open 2) Min. invasive.
  6. f Iodine (high doses)
  7. g Bulging eyes ('Exopthalmos') (it's d/t tissues behind the eyes swelling), thickening of the skin on the anterior side of the legs, blurred/double vision, photophobia.
  8. h A "Radioactive Iodine Uptake Test'.
  9. i Primary, Secondary, Tertiary, Multinodular Goiter, Grave's Disease
  10. j Hyper metabolic state
  11. k Low
  12. l 1) A 'Radioactive Iodine Uptake Test'. 2) A 'Thyroid Scan' test.
  13. m Hyperthyroidism
  14. n Multinodular Goiter
  15. o Primary Hyperthyroidism
  16. p Propranolol/Inderal
  17. q Dunno why they are used.
  18. r Radioactive Iodine (R.A.I./I-181).
  19. s A Nurse should not palpate the Thyroid Gland. Only Dr's palpate the Thyroid Gland.
  20. t 1) Propylthiouracil/PTU 2) Methimazole/Tapazole.
  21. u Grave's Disease
  22. v Flush the toilet at least 2x or more after urinating.
  23. w 'Thyroid Stimulating Immunoglobulin Test' (TSI).