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  1. Is Myxedma a pitting or non-pitting type of edema?
  2. The following are s/s of Hypothyroidism:
  3. This is true:
  4. A slowed metabolic rate can be due to this:
  5. This is a non-pitting type of edema:
  6. Does Myxedema occur in the beginning or the advanced stages of Hypothyroidism?
  7. Thyroid Hormone is abbreviated to his:
  8. Low levels of TH result in this:
  9. This is where Myxedema occurs:
  1. a Non-pitting.
  2. b There is something called Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Hypothyroidism
  3. c Advanced stages.
  4. d Elevated serum lipid lvls, < libido, erectile dysfunction, Myxedema (swelling in connective tissues).
  5. e Low levels of TH
  6. f A slowed metabolic rate.
  7. g Myxedema
  8. h Connective tissues throughout the body.
  9. i TH