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  1. A Pt's Xray reveals several bone fragments at the distal end of the femur. This is a:
  2. In this fracture part of the bone is still intact & is not completely detached from the other part:
  3. Pathological
  4. Comminuted fracture
  5. Hairline fracture
  6. Complete fracture
  7. Transverse fracture
  8. Closed
  9. Fissured fracture
  10. Stress
  11. Impact fracture
  12. Complex fracture.
  13. Longitudinal
  14. Interarticular
  15. Greenstick fracture
  16. Oblique fracture
  17. Spiral fracture
  18. This fracture is a crushing of one bone into another & usually involves a joint:
  1. a This type of fracture has more than two fragments of bone that have broken off:
  2. b The break occurs at a right angle to the axis of the bone:
  3. c In this type of fracture the skin is not broken:
  4. d In this type of fracture, more than two fragments driven into ea. other:
  5. e This type of fracture extends into the articular surface:
  6. f The line of break is helical/spiral in this type of fracture:
  7. g Impact fracture
  8. h A large amount of damage done to the soft tissue around the bone in this type of fracture:
  9. i This type of fracture occurs from jogging:
  10. j In this type of fracture the bone is broken all the way through/completely through:
  11. k This type of fracture runs along the axis of the bone:
  12. l This fracture ccurs at an angle other than a right angle to the axis of the bone:
  13. m Kids get this type of fracture. It is splintered and bent:
  14. n This is an incomplete fracture. aka 'Hairline'. It is located in the outer layer of the bone:
  15. o This type of fracture is categorized as an incomplete fracture. There is a crack in the outer layer. It is also known as a "Fissure Fracture":
  16. p When a fracture occurs spontaneously d/t disease it is this type of fracture:
  17. q Incomplete fracture
  18. r Comminuted fracture