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  1. This is one risk factor of Glaucoma:
  2. Eye S/S of Morphine OD:
  3. Nearsightedness is:
  4. The Beta Blocker, Timolol, is contraindicated in:
  5. This is the initial treatment for a splash injury to the eye:
  6. Cyclogel/Cyclopentolate can cause this S/E:
  7. A Trabecuoplasty procedure:
  8. Myopia is:
  9. Timolol, the Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma med, is categorized as a:
  10. Absense of the crystalline lens is called this:
  11. A Pt who has been newly diagnosed as being legally blind needs this:
  12. Atropine is a:
  13. Safety: Pt who has been newly diagnosed as being legally blind:
  14. Eye S/S of Cocaine OD:
  15. Intervention: In Pt w/detached retina:
  16. This med blocks the beta receptors in the ciliary epithelium:
  17. Cyclogel is a:
  18. Intervention: A Pt w/MS has diplopia:
  19. This can be used to flush the eye after using Flouresein dye:
  20. This med is a cholinergic agonist and it is used to constrict the pupil:
  21. This is a common visual impairment associated with ppl over 40 y.o.:
  22. Impaired vision/loss of peripheral vision before loss of central vision can occur in:
  23. These meds constric pupils l/t increasing aqueous outflow l/t reduced IOP:
  24. Timolol is also known as:
  25. The most common ocular damage secondary to DM is:
  26. Drooping of the upper eyelid is called this:
  27. The name of the eye test chart on the wall is:
  28. The purpose of constricing the pupils is to:
  29. Eye S/S of Morphine use:
  30. This med is a Mydriatic:
  31. Teach Pts this after cataract surgery:
  32. This is described as a shadow/curtain falling across the field of vision:
  33. Safety/Teaching: In Pt w/detached retina:
  34. Flouresein dye is used to assess damage to this part of the eye:
  35. Systemic side effects of oral Timolol:
  36. After using this wash the eye with eye wash care or sterile saline:
  37. Timolol can be used to treat:
  38. Use of this eye med is contraindicated in Pts w/Narrow Angle Glaucoma:
  39. This is when Pilocarpine, Pilocar, Piloptic is applied:
  40. Mydriatic meds do this:
  41. Bright flashes of light across the field of vision is:
  42. This med is a Cycloplegic:
  43. S/E of Isopto-Atropine/Atropine Sulfate opthalmic drops:
  44. Pilocarpine: Is it a direct acting or an indirect acting miotic eye drop?
  45. This procedure is done to Pts w/Glaucoma:
  46. Pilocarpine, Pilocar, Piloptic do this to the pupils:
  47. MySELF (myopia) is:
  48. Pilocarpine, Pilocar, Piloptic is a cholinergic:
  49. Normal vision is:
  50. This disease is a gradual loss of peripheral to central vision:
  51. This category of meds causes pupils to dilate:
  52. If untreated, Glaucoma will:
  53. The eye condition which contributes to a detached retina is:
  54. Parameter for "Legally blind":
  55. Isopto-Atropine is also called this:
  56. This is a sign of macular degeneration:
  57. A Pt may return to work after this many days following a Trabeculoplasty procedure:
  1. a Avoid getting constipated.
  2. b 20/20
  3. c Dilated pupils
  4. d Glaucoma
  5. e Tachycardia
  6. f The cornea
  7. g Over 40 y.o.
  8. h Improves aqueous humor outflow in the eye in Glaucoma Pts.
  9. i Psychological support
  10. j Miosis (pin point pupils)
  11. k L/t an increase in intraocular pressure.
  12. l Pilocarpine, Pilocar, Piloptic
  13. m Pupils are equally constricted and pin point.
  14. n Nearsightedness
  15. o Direct acting
  16. p Isopto-Atropine/Atropine Sulfate opthalmic drops
  17. q Increase circulation of aqueous humor.
  18. r Flouresein dye
  19. s Dunno.
  20. t Timoptic, Betimol, APO-Timolol
  21. u Have a home assessment done prior to discharge.
  22. v At bedtime (1x/day)
  23. w Chronic Open Angle Glaucoma
  24. x Cause pupil dilation
  25. y Atropine
  26. z Aphakia
  27. aa Myopia
  28. ab Cyclogel
  29. ac Mydriatics
  30. ad Discourage coughing (it leads to high ICP)
  31. ae Miotics
  32. af Mouth dryness
  33. ag 20/200
  34. ah A detached retina
  35. ai Near ME! (Nearsightedness).
  36. aj Detached retina
  37. ak Macular Degeneration
  38. al Constrict them
  39. am Bronchospasms and COPD
  40. an Hypertension, hypotension, bradycardia
  41. ao Open Angle Glaucoma
  42. ap Snellen Test
  43. aq Trabeculoplasty
  44. ar Diabetic Retinopathy
  45. as Mydriatic
  46. at Cycloplegic
  47. au Timolol
  48. av Normal saline irrigation
  49. aw Atropine Sulfate
  50. ax Beta Blocker
  51. ay Bandage both eyes (to prevent mvmt of either eye).
  52. az Ptosis
  53. ba agonist
  54. bb Loss of central vision.
  55. bc Apply eye patch to one eye.
  56. bd Nearsightedness/Myopia
  57. be 1-2 days.