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  1. This is an intervention:
  2. This is true:
  3. Low Cortisol l/t these s/s:
  4. This is 'Steroid Psychosis':
  5. This can secondarily be d/t: 1) Dysfunction of the Pit or Hypothalamus. 2) Prolonged use of corticosteroids (it reduces the man. of hormones & occurs in Pts using long term cort. ther. being dc'd abruptly):
  6. Hypersecretion of Epinepherine & Norepinepherine d/t a tumor is called this condition:
  7. Hyposecretion of Cortisol/Hydrocortisone, Aldosterone, or both manifests as this:
  8. Ketoconazole does this:
  9. This med blocks the prod. of adrenal steroids:
  10. This hormone stimulates the breakdown of carbs:
  11. These results are autoimmune in nature:
  1. a It blocks prod. of adrenal steroids.
  2. b Removal of the Adrenal glands.
  3. c Hypoglycemia & lower blood sugar, which leads to weakness, fatigue, wt. loss, confusion, psychosis, anorexia, & n/v (which l/t electrolyte imbalances).
  4. d Hyposecretion of Cortisol/Hydrocortisone, or Aldosterone, or both.
  5. e Hyposecretion of Cortisol/Hydrocortisone or Aldosterone, or both.
  6. f Mental status changes: Irritability to psychosis.
  7. g Cortisol
  8. h 'Pheochromocytoma'.
  9. i Ketoconazole
  10. j I'm at Applebee's right now eating chips and salsa.
  11. k 'Addison's Disease'.