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  1. Deviations and detours from the 'critical paths' are called this:
  2. Managed Care concepts and tools are used in providing Pt care describes this:
  3. In this style of Nursing, a task approach method is used to provide care to Pts.:
  4. This is true:
  5. In this style of Nursing, one RN is responsible for providing nursing care to a group of Pts.:
  6. This occurs continuously to anticipate and recognize negative variances early so that appropriate action can be taken:
  7. In this style of Nursing, Nursing personnel are led by a RN leader to provide care to a group of Pts.:
  8. This occurs when a Pt achieves maximum benefit and is discharged earlier than anticipated:
  9. This occurs when untoward events prevent a timely discharge:
  1. a Functional Nursing
  2. b Variance analysis
  3. c A positive variance
  4. d 'Search' on Quizlet for my entire 'EZ' series to help you study for the LVN LPN NCLEX.
  5. e A negative variance
  6. f Primary Nursing
  7. g Case Management
  8. h Variances
  9. i Team Nursing