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  1. WBC's in the urine is called this.
  2. Abnormal amount of hemoglobin in urine.
  3. The pigment in normal urine giving it a deep yellow color.
  4. 1 of 3 nitrogenous wastes in urine.
  5. UTI can be indicated if urine contains these.
  6. Normal range of urine pH and normal urine pH value.
  7. 1 of 3 nitrogenous wastes in urine.
  8. Blood in the urine.
  9. Abnormally high albumin in urine:
  10. Abnormally high ketones in urine:
  11. Glucosuria and Ketonuria.
  12. Abnormal casts found in urine:
  13. What % of urine is water?
  14. Abnormal amount of bilirubin in urine.
  15. Found in the urine when Diabetes Mellitus is likely.
  16. T or False: It is normal to have nitrites in normal urine.
  17. Abnormally high glucose in urine:
  18. 1 of 3 nitrogenous wastes in urine.
  19. Normal urine specific gravity range (depending upon solutes present).
  20. Cloudy urine can indicate this.