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  1. Lactose Free Diet
  2. Soft
  3. Bland Diet
  4. Clear Liquid Diet
  5. Low Residue Diet
  6. High Protein High Carb
  7. Low Purine Diet
  8. Low Fat Diet
  9. PKU Diet
  10. Diabetic Diet
  11. Low Sodium Diet
  12. Renal Diet
  13. Low Cholesterol Diet
  14. High Potassium Diet
  15. Acid Ash and Alkaline Ash Diet
  16. Gluten Free Diet
  17. High Fiber Diet
  18. Low Calcium Diet
  19. Mechanical Soft Diet
  20. Full Liquid Diet
  1. a This diet includes: Protein, cereal, meat, fish, egg, bread, cranberry, prune, plum.
  2. b This diet includes: All liquids, foods that are liquid at room temp., foods that a liquid at body temp, ice cream/pudding/custard, milk, all fruit juice, creamed soup, refined cooked cereals
  3. c This diet includes: Raw fruit, raw veggies, whole grains.
  4. d This diet includes: A general diet w/increased Protein amts up to 140 G/day, high biologic proteins (egg, milk, milk products). Supplements (Meritene, Sustagen)
  5. e This diet includes: Peas, carrots, fruit, meat, fish.
  6. f This diet includes: The following according to an exchange list & in specific proportions: Fruit, veggies, bread, meat, fat, milk.
  7. g This diet includes: All salt free preparations.
  8. h This diet includes: All food that are soft. ie: Creamed, stewed, tender, baked/broiled/minced.
  9. i This diet includes: Milk, white bread, baked/broiled potatoes, creamed/pureed soup, custard, cooked/refined cereal
  10. j This diet includes: Clear fluids, sugar, salt, meat, fat, egg, peeled white potatoes, & ltd amts of milk, refined cereal, white bread.
  11. k This diet includes: All food that are soft. ie: Creamed, stewed, tender, baked/broiled/minced AND high flavored foods, spices, food that are difficult to digest.
  12. l This diet includes: Tea, coffee, broth, bouillion, consomme, soda, fruit ices/popsicles, plain gelatin, diluted strained fruit juice
  13. m This diet includes: :Low protein flour to make bread & bakery products, Lofenlac formula, phenyl free powder (for beverages).
  14. n This diet includes: Rice, corn, soy flour, fruit, veggies, meat, egg, milk.
  15. o This diet includes: Fruit, veggies, lean meat, poultry, sunflower/safflower/corn oil, whole grain, bread.
  16. p This diet includes: Fruit, veggies, unprocessed fish & animal products, cheddar cheese.
  17. q This diet includes: Fruit, veggies, bread, cereal, skim/low fat milk.
  18. r This diet includes: 1) High biologic protein: Egg, milk, meat (as long as the Pts blood values & urine output remain WNL). 2) When edema & oliguria occur, fluid, Na, & K are restricted. 3) K ltd to 40 mEq/day. 4)
  19. s This diet includes: Fruit juices (tomato, grapefruit, pineapple, orange), cocoa, milk, eggs, ,whole grain.
  20. t This diet includes: Veggies (except cauliflower), spinach, asparagus, peas, fruit juice, cereal, egg, fat free milk, cottage cheese.