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  1. 12 Tongue movements
  2. 1. Smell
  3. 2 Sense of sight.
  4. Testing: The ability of a Pt. to say "ahhhh" or to move their head up and down tests damage to this Cranial Nerve:
  5. This nerve controls the tongue. Assess: Speech: have the patient stick out the tongue to test this nerve:
  6. 3 Movement of eyeball. Pupil constriction. Raise eyelids, move eyes, regulate the size of pupils, focus of lenses.
  7. 10.
  8. 7 Contractions of facial muscles, facial expressions, secretion of saliva, taste.
  9. This is the 6th cranial nerve. It is resposible for eyeball movement laterally:
  10. 10 Transmit impulses to muscles associated with speech, swallowing, the heart, smooth muscles of visceral organs in the thorax and abdomen.
  11. 8 Sense of hearing and equilibrium.
  12. 11 Turning movements of the head, movements of the shoulder and viscera, voice production.
  13. 5 Sensations of the head, face,scalp, teeth. Chewing movements, and muscle sense.
  14. 9th cranial nerve responsible for taste and regulation of carotid blood pressure
  15. Testing: The ability of the eyes to follow a moving object tests this nerve:
  16. 9 Sense of taste & swallowing, pharynx contraction. Secretion of saliva, aid in reflex control of blood pressure and respiration.
  17. 4 Eye movement, proprioception.
  18. 6 Eye movement.