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  1. A wart is an example of this:Papule


  2. This is an enlargement of superficial blood vessels that are visible:Telangiectasia


  3. This is an epithelial lined cavity containing liquid, semi-solid, or solid material.Cyst


  4. This is a small white or red elevation in the skin.Macule


  5. This is a temporary raised bubble on the site of a properly delivered intradermal injection:Pustule


  6. A blister is an example of this:Papule


  7. This is a fluid-filled, superficial elevation:Bulla


  8. This is a solid, elevated, circumscribed area w/no fluid:Vesicle


  9. This is a change in surface color w/o elevation or depression:Macule


  10. This is flat and nonpalpable.Bulla


  11. This is a large vesicle:Macule


  12. A freckle is an example of this:Macule


  13. This is an elevated, solid, irregular-shaped, area of cutaneous edema:Wheal