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  1. The definition of xerostoma is:
  2. This is the length of the female urethral canal in inches:
  3. Fire Extinguisher/P.A.S.S. The fourth step "S" stands for:
  4. This is the main cause of the spreading of infections:
  5. Do this when approaching a patient before a procedure:
  6. Rationale for securing a catheter to the abdomen of a male:
  7. This is the number of inches in which to insert a urinary catheter in a male:
  8. This assessment of the oral cavity is done before radiation therapy of the head or neck:
  9. This infection a patient acquires from being in the hospital:
  10. A male's catheter securement location:
  11. Xerostoma (dry mouth) occurs d/t:
  12. PPE stands for:
  13. This is done to reduce anxiety:
  14. The amount of time a surgical mask may be worn:
  15. Surgical masks may only be worn 20-30 mins because:
  16. Fire Extinguisher/P.A.S.S. The third step "S" stands for:
  17. Xerostoma can lead to:
  18. PPE removal order (#2):
  19. This is the amout of time req'd to wash your uncontaminated hands:
  20. This is a microbial agent used when washing hands:
  21. PPE items:
  22. This is a site for a nosocomial infection:
  23. A female's catheter securement location:
  24. This is how often an inner trach is removed and cleaned:
  25. When this occurs, it is essential to wash your hands:
  26. This is the number of cm in which to insert a urinary catheter in male:
  27. This is the purpose of handwashing:
  28. Xerostoma:
  29. This is the number of inches in which to insert a urinary catheter in a female:
  30. This is the length of the femeal urethral canal in cm:
  31. PPE donning order:
  32. PPE removal order (#1):
  33. This is the amount of time req'd to wash your contaminated hands:
  34. These interventions of the oral cavity are done before radiation therapy of the head or neck:
  35. This is the prime mechanism in preventing infection:
  36. Xerostoma: An artificial saliva substitue such as this is used:
  37. When opening a sterile package, maintain this distance from the edge:
  38. This is the number of cm in which to insert a urinary catheter into a female:
  39. Fire Extinguisher/P.A.S.S. The second step "A" stands for:
  40. Fire Extinguisher/P.A.S.S. The first step "P" stands for:
  41. This part of a trach is removed & cleaned every 2-4 hrs:
  42. This is the most imporant way to prevent spreading microorganisms:
  43. This is how to hold sterile objects:
  44. This is how to don gloves:
  45. A patient shows knowledge of xerostoma cleaning when he states he will clean his mouth with:
  1. a Restorative dental procedures.
  2. b 20-30 mins.
  3. c Surgical wounds.
  4. d After caring for a patient.
  5. e Radiation treatment of the head & neck.
  6. f 1in. - 1.5 in.
  7. g 'Pull'. Pull the pin.
  8. h 1) Gloves first. 2) Goggles 3) Gown 4) Mask/Resp (because removing the gown tosses bacs into the air).
  9. i It straightens the angle of the penoscrotal junction & reduces pressure on the urethra.
  10. j 'Salivart' solution.
  11. k 1 inch.
  12. l To the abdomen.
  13. m Hydrogen peroxide.
  14. n 1) Gown 2) Mask/respirator 3) Goggles/faceshield 4) Gloves last.
  15. o "Dry mouth."
  16. p Q 2hrs - 4hrs.
  17. q While pulling it onto the hand, the inside of the gloves is touched first.
  18. r 6 in - 10 in.
  19. s Above waist level.
  20. t 10-15 seconds.
  21. u To prevent the spread of microorganisms.
  22. v To the thigh.
  23. w Hand washing.
  24. x Inner cannula.
  25. y Chlorhexedine gluconate (CHG)
  26. z Rampant tooth decay in older adults.
  27. aa 1) Gloves first. 2) Mask 3) Gown
  28. ab 'Aim'. Aim at the base of the fire.
  29. ac The lack of proper hand washing.
  30. ad 'Squeeze'. Squeeze the handle.
  31. ae Moisture builds & makes it ineffective against maintaining sterility.
  32. af 5 cm - 7.5 cm.
  33. ag Personal protective equipment.
  34. ah Dry mouth.
  35. ai 'Sweep'. Sweep side to side.
  36. aj 2 in.- 3 in.
  37. ak Introduce yourself as you approach the Patient.
  38. al Gloves, Gown, Mask.
  39. am 15 cm - 25 cm.
  40. an 3 cm - 4 cm.
  41. ao Introduce yourself.
  42. ap Nosocomial infection.
  43. aq 2 mins.
  44. ar Xerostoma.
  45. as Handwashing