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  1. This is an oral med used to ctrl postpartum hemorrhage caused by subinvolution of the uterus:
  2. This med should be ready/available if a preg. woman who is Rh - undergoes CVS:
  3. This med is given to stim. contraction of the uterus for induction of labor or immed. postpartum to ctrl bleeding:
  4. This med is a Sched. II Narcotic in Preg. Cat. 'C'. It has an adverse effect on the fetus:
  5. A Pregnant woman can have Chorionic Villus Sampling at this many wks:
  1. a 10 weeks.
  2. b Anti-D globulin
  3. c Morphine
  4. d Oxytocin/Pitocin
  5. e Methylergonovine maleate/Methergine