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  1. This term means that a woman is/has been pregnant:
  2. This term means that a woman has had two or more pregnancies that resulted in viable offspring:
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  4. This term refers to the # of pregnancies (not the # of fetuses) that reached viability/20 weeks (regardless of whether the fetus was born alive):
  5. This is the # of deliveries between 20-37 wks:
  6. This term means that a woman has never been pregnant:
  7. This term refers to the # of times a woman has been pregnant (w/o reference to outcome):
  8. This term means that a woman has not had a birth at more than 20 wks gestation:
  9. This is the # of kids born at term (>37 wks):
  10. This is the # of abortions & miscarriages (this is included in 'parity' if >20 wks)/The loss of a fetus before 20 wks:
  11. This is the # of pregnancies (including this one) w/o regard to outcome:
  12. L/Live births:
  13. The term describing pregnancy reaching 20 weeks:
  14. A woman's first pregnancy is called this:
  1. a This is the # of offspring that are currently living.
  2. b 'Gravidity'
  3. c 'Nullipara'
  4. d P/Preterm
  5. e G/Gravidity
  6. f A/Abortions
  7. g 'Nulligravida'
  8. h 'Viability'
  9. i 'Parity'/'Para'
  10. j 'Primigravida'
  11. k 'Gravida'
  12. l 'EZ'
  13. m 'Multipara'
  14. n T/Term births