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  1. Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripsy (ESWL)
  2. Pancreatectomy
  3. Ascites
  4. Cirrhosis
  5. Hepatitis
  6. Asterixis
  7. Murphy's sign
  8. Bilirubin
  9. Varices
  10. Cholesterol
  11. Jaundice
  12. T-tube
  13. Encephalopathy
  14. Steatorrhea
  15. These are the S/S of Hepatorenal Syndrome:
  16. Chenodeoxycholic Acid
  17. Fetor hepaticus
  18. Portal hypertension.
  19. Choledonchoscopy
  20. Cholecystitis
  21. Laparoscopic Cholecystectromy
  1. a This procedure is the removal of the gallbladder through a small abdominal incision:
  2. b This is the term for fatty, foul-smelling stools:
  3. c This is fluid in the abdomen d/t decreased albumin:
  4. d This substance dissolves cholesterol gallstones:
  5. e This is also known as 'Liver Flap'.
  6. f This is 'Inflammation of the Gallbladder':
  7. g 1) Oliguria retention 2) Sodium retention w/o kidney defects.
  8. h This is the pigment from the breakdown of red blood cells:
  9. i This sign is the inability to take a deep breath when fingers are pressed under the liver margin:
  10. j This term describes increased pressure in the portal circulation:
  11. k This is the technical term for foul breath:
  12. l This procedure is the use of an endoscope to explore the common bile duct:
  13. m This is a surgical drain used to ensure that bile drains freely from the gallbladder after surgery:
  14. n This is the composition of gallstones:
  15. o This is the yellowing of the sclerae and skin d/t excess bilirubin:
  16. p This is the procedure that shatters gallstones using sound waves:
  17. q This is scarring and hardening of the liver d/t inflammation:
  18. r This is the removal of all or part of the pancreas:
  19. s This is inflammation of the liver cells:
  20. t This is the term for weakened, swollen veins:
  21. u This is a neurologic change d/t excess ammonia: