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  1. A peanut butter sandwich, potato chips, & orange slices.
  2. An egg salad sandwich, sausage gumbo, and ice tea. (The eggs are high in fat and protein & the sausage is high in fat).
  3. A diet w/an incomplete protein (ie: Veggies) (the Pt needs a complete protein).
  4. Diced chicken, mashed potatoes, and peas.
  5. Steak, french fries, & creamed onions.
  6. B 12
  7. Low in calories, cholesterol, & saturated fat.
  8. A diet that contains a high-fat protein (ie: Steak, French fries, and creamed onions).
  9. A soft bland diet w/cool foods. ie: Cherry Jello w/banana bits.
  10. Spicy foods (BBQ chicken, homemade veggie soup) and crunchy foods (fried chicken, crackers).
  11. A diet high in carbs, low fat, and a low-fat protein. Chicken is a low-fat protein.