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  1. Welfare Rights.
  2. Virtues
  3. Assault
  4. Deontology
  5. A breach of the duty that arises out of the relationship between a Pt & a health care worker.
  6. Malpractice
  7. Privacy invasion.
  8. "A lawsuit involving a civil wrong." The employer may be liable for the acts/omissions of it's employees.
  9. Identify the Stakeholders and Their Values
  10. "The obligation to be faithful to commitments made to self & others."
  11. Civil
  12. "Common Sense"/"practical wisdom".
  13. This Leader has a high degree of control. Good for emergency situations.
  14. "This is the virtue of truthfulness."
  15. An unintentional tort w/injury. Stems from the failure of the wrongdoer to exercise care.
  16. 'Moral Distess'
  17. "Fairness & equality."
  18. "Unwritten standards, ideals, or concepts which give meaning to a person's life."
  19. This Leader has no control over a group of employees-employees have complete freedom. No one is responsible for determining goals & plans & achieving those goals.
  20. Determine the Ethical Foundation for Each Action
  21. Provides health insurance for low income & disabled ppl <65 y.o..
  22. Civil
  23. "The required moral action is not clear, ppl don't agree on the solution, no choice is "best".
  24. "To not do any harm."
  25. False Imprisonment
  26. Liability
  27. A National Quality Forum list of 28 sentinel events that are so devastating to Patients that they should never happen.
  28. Evaluate the Outcome
  29. Cover's ppl under 65 y.o. who have disabilities & are eligible for Social Security.
  30. Covers all ppl 65 y.o. +.
  31. State nurse practice laws
  32. HIPPA
  33. This part of Medicare overs inpatient hospital care, SNFs, Hospice, & some HH. No premium, no deductible.
  34. Outrage
  35. Offering treatments & care options that are likely to provide benefit to the Pt. One must take positive action that does good for another.
  36. A Pt can seek financial recovery for injuries & losses.
  37. This Leader develops ppl.
  38. Examine Possible Actions and the Consequences of Each Action
  39. Identify the Ethical Dilemma
  40. Can result in imprisonment or monetary fines.
  41. This part of Medicare is medical insurance. It covers Dr costs, outpatient services, some HH/supplies, some preventive services. A monthly premium & yearly deductible are req'd.
  42. "Actions are judged right or wrong based purely on their consequences. Outcomes are the most important elements to consider when making decisions."
  43. A Code of Ethics
  44. Negligence
  45. 1) A duty of care owed to a Pt. 2) A breach of duty to exercise care. 3) Injury & damages occurring from the breach of duty.
  46. "Human actions and attitudes are to be based on duty, the moral worth should not be judged only in terms of its consequences."
  47. Decisions are made in a group. Keeps group members happy. Let's ppl participate.
  48. Civil
  49. "An unwavering moral sense of self."
  50. "The Nurse's wish to alleviate discomfort."
  51. Criminal
  52. Battery
  53. Gather and Verify the Information
  54. Implement the Action
  55. Defamation
  56. Deontology
  57. "Preventing patients from making autonomous decisions/deciding for patients w/o regard for their preference."
  58. Breach of duty
  59. Assault
  60. Values
  61. Negligence
  62. Determine the Best Action with the Strongest Ethical Support
  63. Outrage
  64. Values
  65. The National Assoc. for Practical Nurse Education & Service.
  66. A Code of Ethics