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  1. S/S: Muscle weakness, kidney stones:Hypokalemia


  2. Health-Illness Continuum: Pt is near death:Low level of health


  3. Health-Illness Continuum: All of the Pt's goals are being met:High level wellness


  4. Health-Illness Continuum: Chronic disorders, disability:Near death


  5. S/S: Muscle weakness, weak pulse:Hypokalemia


  6. This hormones causes Na retention in the body:Excrete water


  7. S/S: Fluid balance & mental status changes:Hyponatremia


  8. Slow-K should be crushed/not be crushed:Hyperkalemia


  9. Ileostomy Pt's have continues liquid stools l/t::Near death


  10. Hyperventilation causes this:Alkalosis


  11. The most reliable method for monitoring fluid balance is:Trust


  12. Lung disease can lead to hypoventilation which can l/t this:CO2 retention and acidosis.


  13. Health-Illness Continuuum: Most of the Pt's goals are being met but thru adaptation:High level wellness


  14. S/S: Osteoporosis, hyperactive reflexes:Hyperkalemia


  15. S/S: Muscle cramps, irreg. HR:Hyperkalemia


  16. Potassium supplements should be taken with food/without food:With food.


  17. The Nurse|Patient relationship is based on this:Trust


  18. Health-Illness Continuum: Lack of energy, inattention, minor aches & pains:Low level of health


  19. Dehydration and fluid loss lead to this:Hyponatremia and mental status changes.


  20. Failing kidneys cannot effectively do this:Excrete water


  21. Health-Illness Continuum: Chronically ill but able to meet most needs:Low level of health


  22. Vomiting, diarrhea, and profuse sweating can cause dehydration, l/t rapid HR but weak pulse, dark urine, and:CO2 retention and acidosis.