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  1. In this type of treatment it is thought that illness is a result of nerve dysfunction:
  2. This type of therapy means "Added to a conventional therapy."
  3. This substance is used to trt anxiety:
  4. Music therapy, Yoga.
  5. This substance has been shown in some studies to be potentially effective against colds & viruses.
  6. This term is used when it is thought that "Illness is a result of falling out of balance w/nature.":
  7. This substance is used to trt pain associated w/a variety of disorders:
  8. This means "Unconventional therapy":
  9. This substance is used to trt nausea:
  10. Examples of this treatment are: Biofeedback, Healing/Therapeutic Touch, magnets, Polarity Therapy, Reiki, & Spiritual Healing:
  11. This substance is used to trt depression:
  12. This type of therapy treats the disease with minute doses of a remedy that, if given in massive doses to healthy persons, would produce effects like those of the disease. "Like cures like.":
  13. This therapy is categorized as a 'Misc. Therapy':
  14. This substance is used to trt migraine headaches, inflammation, and menstrual problems:
  15. This substance can lower blood glucose and can interfere w/warfarin & coumadin.
  16. This therapy uses nutrition, herbs, and Hydrotherapy:
  17. This is the term for 'Traditional Western Medicine':