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  1. Dysphonia
  2. Autistic Thinking
  3. Akathisia
  4. Tardive Dyskinesia
  5. Magical Thinking
  6. Secondary Gain
  7. Test: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory
  8. Rationalization
  9. Anhedonia
  10. Somatic Delusion
  11. Projection
  12. Test: Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale
  13. Displacement
  14. Rorshach
  15. Echolala
  16. Denial
  17. Primary Gain
  18. Neologism
  1. a Derived from personal attn of others. Fulfills certain psychological needs.
  2. b Tests IQ and intellectual functioning ability.
  3. c Tests specific traits and attitudes regarding relationships. Effective to confirm or differentiate the personality diagnosis.
  4. d To shift the emotions from one person to another or to an object.
  5. e Involuntary mvmt. of the tongue, a stiff neck, and difficulty swallowing.
  6. f A Psych condition in which a Pt. has a preoccupation w/one's inner and private world.
  7. g Relief from emotional conflict.
  8. h Rocking foot to foot, pacing, and the inability to sit still.
  9. i A Psych. condition in which a Pt has a problem w/the bodily functions.
  10. j Offering logical reasons to justify unacceptable feelings.
  11. k A projective test that ID's themes & attitudes.
  12. l A Pt believes that thoughts, words, or actions can assume power, cause events, prevent events.
  13. m To attribute one's own thoughts or impulses that are unacceptable to onesself to another.
  14. n Parrot-like repetition of overheard words.
  15. o To deny the reality of the situation.
  16. p Pt creates a new word by combining syllables of other words for an idiosyncratic reason.
  17. q A speech disorder caused by dysfunction of the vocal cords.
  18. r To withdraw from all regular & pleasurable activites (the opposite of 'hedonism').