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  1. Deficient ACTH fails to stim. Adrenal steroid synthesis.
  2. S/s of <Aldosterone & Addison's Disease
  3. <Cortisol/Hydrocortisone, <Aldosterone, & 'Addison's Disease'.
  4. Sodium & water loss, < BP, hypotension, > HR (the response), the Pt craving Na.
  5. Na leaves & water leaves as well.
  6. Lower BP (d/t loss of blood or dehydration) (Low BP activates RAA in the kids l/t Angiotensin II l/t increased secretion of aldosterone.).
  7. Low blood Na lvl.
  8. Hypoglycemia & lower blood sugar
  9. High blood K lvls.
  10. ACTH from the Pit is elevated (in an attempt to stim. the Adrenal Cortex to synthesize more hormones).
  11. Weakness, fatigue, wt. loss, confusion, psychosis, anorexia, n/v (which l/t electrolyte imbalances).
  12. < BP then it > HR
  13. < Cortisol/Hydrocortisone, < Aldosterone, Addison's Disease
  14. Aldosterone non-release: When BP rises the atria secretes ANP. That inhibits the rel. of aldosterone (renin) l/t the kids elim. Na l/t water following the Na, l/t BP going down.
  15. Cortisol
  16. Aldosterone