Eye disorders flashcards for the Complete Idiot #1. Chemical burn, treatment, flushing, solution. Body position w/object in eye. Meds, Snellen Test, Cataract items, intraocular eye pressure range. CA LVN NCLEX. flashcards |

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This is how long to flush the eye which has a chemical burn:

15 mins.

It is with this that one flushes an eye w/a chemical burn:

Sterile solution (or if not available, water).

If a Pt has something in their eye, flush the eye w/this:

Sterile normal saline (0.9%)

The reason one flushes the eye w/sterile normal saline 0.9% is because:

It's an isotonic soln.

This is used to visualize a corneal abrasion secondary to an injury:


This is a topical anesthetic used before irrigation is performed:

Proparacaine hydrochloride

This disorder of the eye is very contagious. Pt's should be concerned about spreading this infection to their family:


Antibiotic drops for the eye are administered this many times/day:


Place an ER Pt w/a penetrating object in the eye in this position:

Sitting & w/support of their head.

The Snellen chart eye test is done at this distance in feet:


This is the criteria for 'Legal Blindness':

20/200. Or: Less w/corrected vision (glasses, contacts). Or: With less than 20 degrees of the visual field in the better eye.

This test checks peripheral vision by facing the Pt & bringing in an object from the side:

Confrontational Method

Suggest this color light for the bathroom night light to Pts w/vision issues:


The normal range of intraoccular pressure (assessed in Glaucoma Pts w/a Tonomotry test) is this:

10 - 22 mm Hg

This eye test uses a calibrated instrument to measure intraocular fluid pressure by flattening/indenting the corneal apex:

A Tonometry test

This is the most specific assoc. prob. for Pts scheduled for cataract surgery & is r/t lens extraction & replacement:

"Sensory perceptual alteration"

The chief/main clinical manifestation (S/S) in the early stages of cataracts are:

Blurred vision

Gradual, painless blurring of vision is an early S/S (manifestation) in this eye disorder:


Which type of prescribed eye drop med do Pts getting cataract surgery get? Miotic or Mydriatic?


Which type of prescribed eye drop med that Pts getting cataract surgery do NOT get? Miotic or Mydriatic?


Body Position. Post-Op. A Post-Op cataract surgery Pt should be placed how to prevent edema in the surgical site?

Either: 1) Semi-Fowler's on their back. 2) On the non-op side.

A Post Op Cataract Pt c/o nausea & severe eye pn. What do you do?

Report the Pt's complaints as this is an indicator of increased IOP.

Post Op cataract Pts can't life more than this wt:

5 lbs

Post Op cataract Pts must wear this when they sleep (so they don't unintentionally rub their eye if it itches):

A hard metal/plastic shield/cup over one eye.

Post Op cataract Pts can't take this med:


Post Op cataracts Pts can take this med instead of aspirin:


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