Eye disorder flashcards for the Complete Idiot #2: Glaucoma, eye drops, detached retina/curtain/spots/bleeding, hyphema, positions, Cyclopentolate, applying pressure to the nasolacrimal duct. CA LVN NCLEX. LPN. Nursing. flashcards |

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Is vision loss d/t Glaucoma reversible or irreversible?


Glaucoma Pts will have to take this for the rest of their lives:

Eye drops

A "curtain falling across the eye"/"shadow" is a S/S of this:

A detached retina.

This is a s/s of a detached retina:

"A curtain falling across the eye"/"shadow".

Is there pain or no pain assoc. w/a detached retina?

No pain

W/a detached retina, this S/S indicates bleeding:

A sudden burst of black spots or floaters.

This is the term for the presence of blood in the anterior chamber (d/t a force breaks interior eye blood vessels):


Put the Pt w/Hyphema (blood in the anterior chamber of the eye) in this position:


A contusion to the eye is immed. treated w/this:


This med is a rapidly acting mydriatic & cycloplegic, is effective in 25-75 mins, & accommodation returns in 6-24 hrs:


This med is used for preop mydriasis (dilation of the pupil):


Cyclopentolate is this:

A mydriatic & cycloplegic

Eye drops go into this spot:

The conjunctival sac

Pts should do this when instilling eye drops to prevent absorption (systemically) of the drops:

Apply pressure to the nasolacrimal duct.

When two or more meds are to be eyedropped into the eye, the Pt should take this much time between the drops:

3 - 5 mins.

Miotics do this:

Widen the trabecular meshwork, cause a contraction of the ciliary muscle, & increase blood flow to the retina.

The post-op Cataract Sx s/e of Hyphema can be treated in these ways:

Bed rest & bilateral eye patching for 2-5 days while absorption occurs, miotics, cycloplegics, & possible irrigation of the anterior chamber to remove blood.

What is the most common symptom of Macular Degeneration-blurred central vision or loss of peripheral vision?:

Blurred central vision.

The formation of this may occur in Macular Degeneration:

A central scotoma (a blind spot).

W/a Pt w/metal shards in the eye, do this immed.:

Irrigate w/sterile saline

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