EZ: Beg. Psych Vocab for Nursing Students. NCLEX. LVN LPN. CA. Thinking: Magical, Somatic, Autistic, Denial, Neologism, Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale Test, Stanford-Binet Test, Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory Test, etc. flashcards |

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Magical Thinking

A Pt believes that thoughts, words, or actions can assume power, cause events, prevent events.

Autistic Thinking

A Psych condition in which a Pt. has a preoccupation w/one's inner and private world.

Somatic Delusion

A Psych. condition in which a Pt has a problem w/the bodily functions.


To deny the reality of the situation.


To shift the emotions from one person to another or to an object.


To attribute one's own thoughts or impulses that are unacceptable to onesself to another.


Offering logical reasons to justify unacceptable feelings.

Primary Gain

Relief from emotional conflict.

Secondary Gain

Derived from personal attn of others. Fulfills certain psychological needs.


Pt creates a word by combining syllables of other words for an idiosyncratic reason.

Test: Weschler Adult Intelligence Scale

Tests IQ and intellectual functioning ability.

Test: Stanford-Binet

Tests IQ and intellectual functioning ability.

Test: Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory

Tests specific traits and attitudes regarding relationships. Effective to confirm or differentiate the personality diagnosis.


A projective test that ID's themes & attitudes.


To withdraw from all regular & pleasurable activites (the opposite of 'hedonism').


A speech disorder caused by dysfunction of the vocal cords.

Tardive Dyskinesia

Involuntary mvmt. of the tongue, a stiff neck, and difficulty swallowing.


Rocking foot to foot, pacing, and the inability to sit still.


Parrot-like repetition of overheard words.


A Pt creates a word by combining syllables of other words for an idiosyncratic reason.

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