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Cave painting with horses, Chauvet cave vallon 30,000 BCE

Woman (Venus of Willendorf) 25000-20000 BCE

The ziggurat at UR 2100 BCE

Dedicatory statues from the Abu temple, tell asmar 2900-2700 BCE

Stele of Hammurabi from susa 1760 BCE

Palette of Narmer

Nike (Victory) of Samothrace from the sanctuary of the great gods Samothrace 300-190 BCE

Doryphoros statue in movement

lysippus, apoxyomenos 350- 325 BCE

Praxiteles Aphrodite of Knidos 350BCE

Augustus of primaporta 20 bce

Colosseum of Rome 72-80 CE

column of Trajan 106 -113 CE

pantheon 118-125 CE

interior of the pantheon

Dome of the rock 680s-691

The Kaaba

Stonehenge 2750-1500bce

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