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  1. soprano, mezzo-soprano, alto
  2. Folk painter. Became distinguished among the Quakers because of his paintings. Painted the Peaceable Kingdom, William Penn's treaty with the indians. Other farm like scenes.
  3. created symphonic poem (the faust symphony, the dante symphony, les preludes)
  4. the autobiography of alice b toklas
  5. Also painted The Red Model and The Son of Man. Impressionistic, Surrealistic.
  6. flutes and reed pipes
  7. bowed string instrument (violin/_____/cello)
  8. the life of samuel johnson
  9. The Birth of Venus
  10. Baroque painter who painted 4 negro heads, venus and adonis
  11. first 5 books of the bible, jewish
  12. attempt to recreate the style of children's art
  13. a printmaking process in which lines are incised into the surface of a plate or print form (ex. engraving or etching)
  14. the way of the world
  15. Offshoot of cubism-abstract, bright.
    Influenced by Fauvism
  16. the faerie queene
  17. Co-founder of Orphism movement. Abstract, colorful, geometric. Works were similar to Paul Klee. L'equipe de Cardiff.
  18. increasing loudness in musical score
  19. pointed arch, ribbed vault, flying buttress, stained glass
  20. This Land is Your Land
  21. the tragedy of dr faustus
  22. twelfth night
  23. jesus christ, superstar; joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat
  24. influenced by commercialism
  25. Alexandros of Antioch sculpted Venus de Milo
  26. leaves of grass, song of myself
  27. kind of blue, played fugelhorn and trumpet
  28. Golden Age of Buddhist art in India
  29. upright beams (posts) supporting horizontal beams (lintels)
  30. plainsong
  31. symphonie fantastique, romeo and juliet, the trojans, the damnation of faust
  32. the farewell, surprise, and military symphony
  33. violin, guitar, viola, cello, bass
  34. book of islam, muhammed
  35. Ragtime Composers
  36. the power of cunning over strength
  37. Michaelangelo's Pieta
  38. place of worship for muslims (islam)
  39. candid glimpses, effects of different lights
  40. farm life in the style of primitivism
  41. allegro
  42. music that does not use a tonal center
  43. the importance of being earnest, a woman of no importance
  44. king of ragtime, maple leaf rag
  45. secular vocal music composition
  46. renowned soprano and tenor saxophonist
  47. well of moses
  48. duke ellington
  49. lysistrata
  50. art, organic, plant and other natural sources, woodcuts, and stylized curved lines
  51. sounded by being struck or scraped
  52. the milkmaid, girl with a pearl earring
  53. 19th century polish romantic (established piano as it's own instrument, had affair with george sand)
  54. gouache
  55. st pauls cathedral
  56. antonio salieri
  57. Someone who sponsors a ballet, opera, or symphony
  58. st john passion, well tempered clavier
  59. played by keyboard, produces sound by plucking a string
  60. playing musical piece loudly
  61. solomon r. guggenheim museum
  62. the star spangled banner
  63. japanese hanging scroll, traditional form of painting
  64. jeanne hebuterne, woman in a brown dress
  65. death, be not proud
  66. Andy Warhol
  67. Glass forms. Father founded Tiffany and CO. Louis designed interior of Mark Twain House in Hartford, CT.
  68. painted life in the developing west (cowboys, indians, horses)
  69. antigone, electra
  70. Spanish Artist. Saturn devouring his children, Witches' Sabbath
  71. "Art for Art's Sake" This painting is called Whistler's Mother
  72. ninth symphony
  73. musical section within a larger work with it's own tempo
  74. tenor, baritone, bass
  75. movie (george cukor) based on a musical (alan jay lerner) based on a play (pygmalion by george bernard shaw)
  76. fantasy by shakespeare (demetrius, helena, hermia, lysander, oberon, titania)
  77. linear succession of musical tones that the listener perceives as a single entity
  78. history play, tragedy, comedy (shakespeare, christopher marlowe, ben jonson)
  79. bach
  80. Coast of Piccardy-Known for landscape and costal paintings. 1826
  81. adagio
  82. classical japanese musical drama
  83. a recurring melody associated with a certain person, place, or event
  84. pilgrim's progress
  85. musical composition with a chorus, orchestra, and solo parts
  86. sitar
  87. Scandelous art. "Man of Sorrows"
  88. the waltz king
  89. depicting subjects as true to their natural appearances
  90. illustrated salome, lysistrata, rape of the lock
  91. nocturne
  92. the phantom of the opera
  93. this type of painting was characteristic of the fugiwara period (898-1185)
  94. thesis, antithesis, synthesis
  95. architecture designed with the future needs in mind
  96. paradise lost
  97. modern art movement began around WW1, going against normal social actions (european, 20th century)
  98. romeo and juliet ballet
  99. pianissimo
  100. rembrandt, rubens, vermeer (dramatic, emotion and movement, often religious)
  101. bohemian
  102. chiaroscuro
  103. the last judgment
  104. war and peace, anna karenina
  105. instrumental ensemble (string, brass, woodwind, percussion)
  106. 3D protrusions from a flat surface
  107. because I could not stop for death, tis so much joy!, I heard a fly buzz
  108. the tower, the winding stair and other poems
  109. expensive looking artwork that is shoddily done
  110. traditional japanese painting methods were developed during this time
  111. tondo
  112. clair de lune
  113. othello
  114. the holy trinity, the disrobing of christ
  115. the sound of music
  116. Twittering Machine = watercolor pen and ink oil transfer (bird picture). Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism.
  117. marian anderson
  118. woman with chrysanthemum, absinthe
  119. Pablo Casals
  120. used canvas and "drip" technique
  121. billy budd
  122. proscenium
  123. origami
  124. contrapuntal compositional technique in two or more voices, built on a subject that is introduced at the beginning in imitation and recurs frequently (bach used often)
  125. Loch Lomond
  126. Battle Hymn of the Republic
  127. the marseillaise
  128. thespis, grand duke
  129. waiting for godot, endgame
  130. Dog Barking at the Moon, Blue II
  131. rejection of impressionism, geometric forms, unnatural color
  132. Artist. Combined studies of nature with deep personal experience. Painted View on the stour, The Hay Wain, Dedham Vale.
  133. the aenied theme
  134. camptown races, Oh! Susanna
  135. highly decorated container for religious relics
  136. fantasies against a monochromatic background - ornate, with fineness (in roman mural painting)
  137. one who is interested in viewing the fine arts but not participating
  138. wood block art, edo period in japan (17-20 centuries)
  139. gilbert stuart
  140. girl with a water can, sailor boy, girl with jumping rope
  141. irving berlin, dorothy fields
  142. trumpets, horns, trombone, tuba, cornet
  143. austrian dramatic coloratura soprano noted for her contribution in the renaissance
  144. wozzeck, lulu
  145. greek god of wine, celebrations, ecstasy
  146. strong, extreme, unnatural color and distorted forms and shapes
  147. trompe l'oeil
  148. traditional latin worship music in the roman catholic church
  149. the iliad theme
  150. Emanuel Leutze
  151. puritans
  152. semi-circular arches, massive quality, thick walls, round arches, sturdy piers, groin vaults, large towers, decorative arcading
  153. arthur laurents, music- leonard bernstein, lyrics- stephen sondheim
  154. largo
  155. prospero, ferdinand, miranda, caliban, ariel
  156. german, transition between classical and romantic eras
  157. developed pointillism (Sunday Afternoon on the Island)
  158. streetcar named desire, glass menagerie, cat on a hot tin roof
  159. Bauhaus School founder, When and Why
  160. winesburg, ohio
  161. american post-WW2 art movement
  162. interview with the vampire
  163. bela bartok
  164. a room of one's own
  165. white christmas, easter parade, god bless america
  1. a american jazz artist
  2. b the glory of war
  3. c
  4. d comedy by aristophanes
  5. e indian instrument
  6. f franz haydn (taught mozart and beethoven)
  7. g nara period
  8. h dadaism
  9. i torah
  10. j
    japanese paper folding (cranes and boats)
  11. k john bunyan
  12. l
    opaque watercolor
  13. m abstract expressionism
  14. n gilbert and sullivan
  15. o wb yeats (irish)
  16. p Julia Ward Howe
  17. q an unharmonized chant (gregorian chant)
  18. r miles davis
  19. s pop art
  20. t edmund spenser
  21. u Woody Guthrie
  22. v brass instrument
  23. w yamato-e
  24. x leitmotif
  25. y
    fauvism (self-portrait, matisse)
  26. z sophocles
  27. aa
    Renior, Impressionist
  28. ab Impresario
  29. ac herman melville
  30. ad
  31. ae noh
  32. af
    georges seurat
  33. ag fugue
  34. ah Orphism
  35. ai german, baroque
  36. aj movement
  37. ak third style
  38. al
    frank lloyd wright (taliesin west)
  39. am woodwind
  40. an Intaglio
  41. ao john coltrane
  42. ap verism
  43. aq
    round work of art
  44. ar leo tolstoy
  45. as oscar wilde
  46. at william congreve
  47. au john donne
  48. av rodgers and hammerstein
  49. aw madrigal
  50. ax
    post-impressionism (van gogh)
  51. ay hungarian, 20th century
  52. az lifestyle of artists
  53. ba functionalism
  54. bb
    art nouveau
  55. bc viola
  56. bd beethoven
  57. be annie get your gun
  58. bf crescendo
  59. bg
    andrew lloyd webber
  60. bh joan sutherland
  61. bi oratorio
  62. bj
  63. bk James Ensor
  64. bl
  65. bm musical piece suggesting night
  66. bn percussion
  67. bo mosque
  68. bp african american contralto
  69. bq harphsichord
  70. br strauss (19th century austrain)
  71. bs the odyssey
  72. bt
    Louis Tiffany
  73. bu
    peter paul rubens (elevation of the cross)
  74. bv fast, quickly, and bright (120-168 bpm)
  75. bw tragedy
  76. bx elizabethan theatre
  77. by comedy
  78. bz particularly slow tempo
  79. ca ukiyo-e
  80. cb
    Rene Magritte (the lovers)
  81. cc bach (born 1685)
  82. cd louis hector berlioz (french composer)
  83. ce the tempest (comedy, fantasy setting)
  84. cf gertrude stein
  85. cg
    Sandro Botticelli
  86. ch a midsummer night's dream
  87. ci
    relief sculpture
  88. cj Francisco De Goya
  89. ck fortissimo
  90. cl christopher marlowe
  91. cm walt whitman
  92. cn
    greek architecture
  93. co national anthem of france
  94. cp john milton
  95. cq What did Richard Bonington paint and what is he known for?
  96. cr dionysus/bacchus
  97. cs anne rice
  98. ct
    baroque ( adoration of the sheperds- Rubens)
  99. cu tim rice (lion king, aida)
  100. cv
    aubrey beardsley
  101. cw virginia woolf
  102. cx
    Pop Art
  103. cy melody
  104. cz scott joplin
  105. da
    george washington
  106. db alban berg
  107. dc
  108. dd Paul Klee
  109. de koran
  110. df gregorian chants
  111. dg west side story
  112. dh
    (a beautiful world)
    grandma moses
  113. di francis scott key
  114. dj female singing voice
  115. dk disliked theater
  116. dl Walter Gropius: Founded in the city of Weimar in 1919. Re-imagining the world to reflect the unity of all of the arts...Beautiful yet useful designs meant for everyday use to permeate art through life.
  117. dm emily dickinson
  118. dn the primacy of fate
  119. do samuel beckett
  120. dp
    impressionism (manet)
  121. dq
    Degas, Impressionist
  122. dr tennessee williams
  123. ds Spanish Cellist
  124. dt "trick of the eye" extremely realistic works
  125. du james boswell
  126. dv
    Joan Miro
  127. dw debussy (french composer, impressionist)
  128. dx
    scuplture from 120 bc
  129. dy
    claus sluter (renaissance)
  130. dz male singing voice
  131. ea
  132. eb Edward Hicks
  133. ec sherwood anderson
  134. ed
    amadeo modigliani
  135. ee Primitivism (grandma moses, AKA Anna Mary Robertson Moese and Henri Rousseau)
  136. ef
    German-American History Painter: Washington Crossing the Deleware
  137. eg Scott Joplin, Irving Berlin
  138. eh
    James Whistler
  139. ei sergei prokofiev
  140. ej
    el greco
  141. ek Scottish folk song inspired by the Scottish Ioch crossing the highland boundary fault.
  142. el the ground the actors stood on
  143. em my fair lady
  144. en stephen foster
  145. eo
    Frederic Remington
  146. ep playing musical piece very softly
  147. eq franz liszt
  148. er broadly (40-60 bpm)
  149. es kitsch
  150. et Gupta
  151. eu
    gothic architecture(notre dame)
  152. ev dilettante
  153. ew orchestra
  154. ex
    roman architecture (Colosseum)
  155. ey atonality
  156. ez
    christopher wren (late 17th century)
  157. fa string
  158. fb
    jan vermeer
  159. fc chopin
  160. fd beethoven (incorporated schiller's ode to joy, size of orchestra increased to play his music, famous user of symphonies)
  161. fe John Constable
  162. ff rival composer of mozart
  163. fg irving berlin
  164. fh
    jackson pollock
  165. fi g.w.f. hegel