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Prehistoric Art

Cave paintings: Altamira, Lascaux; Monuments/sculprutes: Stonehenge, Easter Island monoliths, Venus figurines

Cave Paintings

Made in caves; mostly animals; animals are very realistic; humans are stick figures - Found in Altamira and Lascaux


Stonehenge; Venus statues; Monoliths; Astronomical calendars; Burial mounds; Massive statuary; Anything really big left behind by our ancestors; Fashioned from bone, ivory, or stone

Mesopotamian Art

Architects; The ziggurat (the dwelling of the gods); Stone and precious metal statues; Bas-relief was prominent

Egyptian Art

Expression of immortality; Provide comfort for rulers and pharaohs; Pyramids made to surround rulers in eternal glory; Impressive, yet rigid and static; Frontalism

Greek Art

Sculpture; Idealism; Pottery; Columns; Harmony; Order; Clarity; Vase Painting: archaic and classical; Columns: Ionic, Doric, Corinth; Parthenon

Roman Art

Architecture; Realism; Practicality; Organization and politics; Aqueducts, arches, and domes; "The Colosseum"

Tribal Art

Fauves; Cubist; Abstract; Expressionist; Surrealist; Contemporary; Modernist

Byzantine Art

Justinian the Great was a great contributor; Icons; Mosaics; Hagia Sophia

Medieval Art

Castles; Illuminated text; Bayeux Tapestry

Gothic Art

Cathedrals: "Stone Bibles"; Stained glass windows; Flying buttresses; Wanted height and light; Ribbed vaults; Pointy arches

Renaissance Art

Means rebirth; Began a rebirth of culture; Art was a means of exploring all facets of life; Technical innovations


Brutal naturalism; "David;" Worked in bronze and stone


"Father of Modern Painting;" Oil painting; Appears as if you are walking into the scene; Mythologies


Decorative linear style is throwback to Byzantine art; "Birth of Venus;" Pastels

Da Vinci

Artist and inventor; "Renaissance Man;" Mona Lisa, The Last Supper, Man van Vitruvius


"Creativity is divinely inspired;" Sculpture, Painter, Architect; David, Sistine Chapel, The Creation of Adam



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