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  1. The ________ property configures a shadow effect on the text displayed within an element.
  2. Select the item below that lists elements used in an HTML table:
  3. A table with a width set to 600 pixels will look ________ on a monitor with resolution set to 640 x 480 than on a monitor with resolution set to 1024 x 768.
  4. Choose the recommended method(s) to obtain graphics for your web site.
  5. Choose the example below of a descendant selector that configures the anchor tags within the element assigned to the an id named special.
  6. Use the ________ property to configure rounded corners with CSS.
  7. Select a good design recommendation for text hyperlinks.
  8. Choose the attribute used to provide accessibility by configuring a text alternative that is available to browsers and other user agents that do not support graphics.
  9. The type of testing that observes how actual web page visitors use a website is called:
  10. A domain name is a unique text-based Internet address corresponding to a unique ________.
  11. The ________ is an attribute of the <table> tag that provides for accessibility.
  12. A long-standing methodology used to develop information systems is the
  13. Select the tasks that should be performed when a website is tested.
  14. When applying the design principle of ________ related items are grouped together.
  15. Use the ________ tag to associate a web page with an External Style Sheet.
  16. The first widely used graphical web browser was developed at:
  17. Select the code below that will configure a background image called parchment.gif for a web page using CSS.
  18. Which of the following attributes would configure an ordered list to display uppercase letters?
  19. When CSS is coded in the body of the web page as an attribute of an HTML tag it is called ________.
  20. Use the ________ property to configure an image to use as a bullet point in an unordered list
  21. Choose the organization listed below that takes a proactive role in developing recommendations and prototype technologies related to the Web.
  22. Components of responsive web design include:
  23. Use the ________ tag to code embedded styles on a web page
  24. Which of the following CSS3 properties position the caption of a table?
  25. Select the code below that uses CSS to configure a class called "offer" with blue text that uses the Arial or sans-serif font typeface.
  26. The declaration property used to set the text color on a web page is:
  27. Use the ________ tag to configure a section of a web page that is physically separated from others.
  28. Choose the tag pair that is use to link web page documents to each other.
  29. The file extensions .avi, .m4v, and .ogv are used for:
  30. Select the function of an e-mail link from the choices below.
  31. The four principles of WCAG 2.0 are as follows:
  32. Which tag is used to force the browser to display the next text or element on a new line?
  33. Use ________ positioning to slightly change the location of an element in relation to where it would otherwise appear when rendered by a browser.
  34. The ________ meta tag configures scale and dimension on mobile web page display.
  35. ________ is a set of rules for exchanging files such as text, graphic images, sound, video, and other multimedia files on the Web.
  36. A(n) ________ is an image that is configured so that parts of the image can be used as one or more hyperlinks.
  37. Use the ________ property to configure bold text using CSS.
  38. Use the ________ property along with the left, right and/or top property to precisely configure the position of an element.
  39. What tag pair is used to create a new paragraph?
  40. Which CSS property configures the size of text?
  41. Use the ________ tag pair to configure table headings.
  42. The ________ attribute of the anchor tag can cause the new web page to open in its own browser window.
  43. A ________ determines the capability of the mobile device, such as screen resolution, and directs browsers to CSS.
  44. The following two attributes are required when configuring an <object> tag to provide media on a web page which will be displayed in Internet Explorer:
  45. Which of the following CSS3 properties configure the alignment of text within a table?
  46. Select the code below that uses CSS to configure a background color of #eaeaea for a web page.
  47. When a web page uses graphics for the main navigation links, provide accessibility by:
  48. How would you define a fragment identifier at the top of a page, called "top"?
  49. Use the ________ parameter associated with an <object> tag to control whether an audio file starts to play as soon as the web page loads
  50. The ________ element is a void element that specifies a media file and a MIME type.
  51. What is the term used to describe image file that contains multiple small graphics?
  52. Select the example below that configures a container to clear all floated elements that are within the container.
  53. The ________ defines every object and element on a web page.
  54. Applying the design principle of ________ serves to add visual interest and draw attention.
  55. The tag used to create a horizontal line on a web page is:
  56. Use the ________ property to configure multiple backgrounds on an element.
  57. What type of HTML list will automatically place a number in front of the items?
  58. The CSS3 ________ property allows you to rotate, scale, skew, or move an element.
  59. The HTML5 ________ element visually displays a bar that depicts a numeric value within a specified range.
  60. Select the technology that was developed by a joint effort between Netscape and Sun Microsystems.
  61. How would you link to the named fragment #school on the page resume.html from the home page of the site?
  62. Use the headers attribute on the ________ tag to correspond to the id attribute on a ________ tag.
  63. Select the true statement from those listed below.
  64. The process of ensuring that web pages coded with new or advanced techniques still are usable in browsers that do not offer support for the newer features is called:
  65. In the ________ Phase a prototype of the website will often be created.
  66. What is the purpose of the :content pseudo-element?
  67. When do you need to use a fully qualified URL in a hyperlink?
  68. The ________ operating system(s) treat uppercase and lowercase letters differently.
  69. Select the tag below that is recommended by the W3C to add media to a web page.
  70. Select the true statement below.
  71. Set list-style-type to the value ________ to hide the display of the list markers on an ordered list.
  72. Select the recommended design practice that applies to a website using images for main site navigation.
  73. Use ________ positioning to configure the location of an element to remain the same and to not move even when the web page is scrolled within the browser viewport.
  74. Use the ________ attribute on a <video> tag to display an image that represents the movie.
  75. Use the ________ property in the HTML link tag to to associate a web page with a style sheet for printing.
  76. The purpose of the ________ element is to describe the contents of a table
  77. Select the most commonly used site organization for commercial web sites.
  78. A smaller version of a larger image that usually links to the larger image is called a:
  79. A type of graphic that is best-suited to photographs is:
  80. Choose the best-designed link from below.
  81. ________ will cause an object not to display.
  82. CSS was first proposed as a standard by the W3C in ________.
  83. Select the code below that configures a background image to repeat horizontally across a web page.
  84. To define the distance between the edges of each cell in a table use the ________ attribute.
  85. Which of the following is not a web design recommended practice?
  86. The ________ HTML5 element is used to tangential or supplemental content.
  87. Use the ________ tag pair to configure a table footer row group.
  88. Select the code below that uses CSS to eliminate the default border on an image configured as an image.
  89. Select the true statement
  90. Choose the item below that is not an HTML5 element.
  91. Use the ________ attribute to display an image to the right of a block of text.
  92. Select the group whose mission is to create guidelines and standards for web accessibility.
  93. Which CSS property can be used to configure italic text?
  94. Select the code below that uses CSS to configure a id named "footer" that configures small, italic text.
  95. The Web Safe Color Palette is a collection of 216 colors that
  96. When using the box model, the ________ is always transparent.
  1. a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)
  2. b background
  3. c relative
  4. d perceivable, operable, understandable, robust
  5. e overflow: auto;
  6. f display: none;
  7. g table, tr, td
  8. h img {border: 0; }
  9. i <div id="top">
  10. j margin
  11. k <div></div>
  12. l text-shadow
  13. m <a href="resume.html#school">Educational Background</a>
  14. n .offer { color:blue; font-family:Arial,sans-serif;}
  15. o <a>
  16. p viewport
  17. q font-style
  18. r body {background-image:url(parchment.gif); }
  19. s proximity
  20. t <style> .. </style>
  21. u thumbnail image
  22. v <p> </p>
  23. w font-size
  24. x Usability testing
  25. y Java applets may be contained in files with the .class extension
  26. z fixed
  27. aa both UNIX and Linux
  28. ab media query
  29. ac Placing white space around graphics and headings helps them to stand out.
  30. ad <hr>
  31. ae HTTP
  32. af Design Phase
  33. ag #special a
  34. ah video files
  35. ai aside
  36. aj text-align
  37. ak <link>
  38. al Inline
  39. am hierarchical
  40. an progressive enhancement
  41. ao <a href="news.htm">Important News</a>
  42. ap <td> or <th>
  43. aq border-radius
  44. ar fluid layout, flexible images, media queries
  45. as Document Object Model
  46. at source
  47. au background-repeat: repeat-x;
  48. av <br>
  49. aw 1996
  50. ax jpg
  51. ay autoplay
  52. az body {background-color:#eaeaea; }
  53. ba use frames whenever possible
  54. bb Web Accessibility Initiative
  55. bc codebase and class id
  56. bd all of these
  57. be alt
  58. bf both using alt attributes and providing text links on the bottom of the page
  59. bg summary
  60. bh image map
  61. bi #footer { font-size: small; font-style: italic;}
  62. bj the <object> tag
  63. bk progress
  64. bl color
  65. bm launch the default e-mail application for the visitor's browser with your e-mail address as the recipient
  66. bn none
  67. bo both Purchase a CD of graphics and Use a graphics application and create your own
  68. bp display the most similar on both the Mac and PC platforms
  69. bq cellspacing
  70. br sprite
  71. bs larger
  72. bt use a key phrase as a hyperlink
  73. bu caption
  74. bv both provide alternative text for the images and place text links at the bottom of the page
  75. bw list-style-image
  76. bx NCSA
  77. by media="print"
  78. bz ordered list
  79. ca System Development Life Cycle
  80. cb poster
  81. cc align
  82. cd to generate content that is added to the web page document
  83. ce Animation should be used only if it enhances your web site
  84. cf position:absolute;
  85. cg contrast
  86. ch IP address
  87. ci font-weight
  88. cj transform
  89. ck <caption>
  90. cl type="A"
  91. cm target
  92. cn <tfoot> .. </tfoot>
  93. co JavaScript
  94. cp when linking to a page on an external web site
  95. cq wrapper
  96. cr <th> </th>