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  1. Radial symmetrybalance of color, shape & position


  2. <nav> in HTML5A semantic element clearly describes its meaning to both the browser and the developer. Example <table> <img> <form>


  3. ToneColor mixed with grey


  4. HueAnother word for color


  5. AsideColor mixed with black


  6. <header>, <footer>, <section>This is where the style sheet is defined


  7. Semantics in HTML5Used to create a list of navigational links to other pages on a site


  8. box modelany element has these properties, from inside to outside: content, padding, border, margin


  9. HTMLHyperText Markup Language


  10. .html or .htmfile extensions of a standard web page file


  11. <li> </li>bulleted list element


  12. Unity (design principles)Act of comparing or estimating two things and the contrast space and colors


  13. Shadesidebar of a web layout, usually used for external links


  14. .classCSS class


  15. <table> </table>individual item within a list


  16. HeaderColor mixed with black


  17. Internal CSSStyles that live on a separate CSS style page


  18. <head> </head>bulleted list element


  19. Complimentary colorsAdjacent color on the color wheel


  20. ID in CSS is indicated by#


  21. {margin: 1px 0px;}This is will apply a margin of 1 px to the top and bottom of an element


  22. Line, Color, Shape, & Texture2012


  23. <mark>Color mixed with white


  24. a:link {color:red;}Adjacent color on the color wheel


  25. self closing tagan element that doesn't need the closing tag, examples are img, hr & br


  26. HTML5 release date2012


  27. <!--This is a comment-->HTML comment syntax


  28. HTML 5.1New version of HTML expected to be finalized in 2016


  29. Movement (design principles)Use of lines, color and repetition to create an illusion of motion


  30. Balance (design principles)Correct balance of composition or color that produces a harmonious effect


  31. Emphasis (design principle)To express with particular stress or force


  32. TintColor mixed with grey


  33. Class in CSS is indicated by#


  34. <ol> </ol>bulleted list element


  35. Analogous colorsAdjacent color on the color wheel


  36. Footerbottom portion of a web page


  37. ChromaHyperText Markup Language


  38. <!DOCTYPE html>individual item within a list


  39. Symmetrylines that are horizontal, vertical, & diagonal


  40. External CSSStyles that live on the same page as where it's applied