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  1. True or False. Elements can be nestedTrue


  2. True or False. The HTML cite element defines the title of a piece of workTrue


  3. True or False. When the type of diabetes is not mentioned in the medical record, always code Type I.True


  4. True or False. HTML5 allows you to present a proper calendarTrue


  5. What is the latest version of HTML?Black


  6. True or False. CSS defines properties that control how a box is laid out on a pageFalse


  7. True or False. Password validation can't be complexFalse


  8. True or False. CSS has a box modelTrue


  9. True or False. Before CSS syling, styles and web pages were very plainTrue


  10. True or False. CSS stands for Cascading Styling SheetsFalse


  11. True or False. Multiple coding requires more than one code to describe the conditions, manifestations, and complicationsTrue


  12. True or False. Filtering elelments can be placed outside the table. Y ou can define placeholders where each filtering element should be injectedFalse


  13. True or False. Overdosing of Insulin is referenced in the Alphabetical Index under Long term (use of) insulinFalse


  14. True or False. You do not need to take a round trip to the server to figure out that the password format is incorrectTrue


  15. True or False. Elements identify their content by surrounding it with a start and an end tagTrue


  16. True or False. Browsers usually insertr quotation marks around the q elementFalse


  17. True or False. HTML is a staticBlack


  18. True or False. The CSS box model treats each element as a collection of four concentric boxesTrue


  19. True or False. Each version of HTML hasa it's own DOCTYPEFalse


  20. What color does FFFFFF represent?Black


  21. True or False. Some CSS rules do not have the same syntaxTrue


  22. True or False. CSS is a cornerstone technology used by most websites to create visually engaging webpages, user interfaces for web applications, and user interface fpr many mobile applicationsFalse


  23. True or False. Browsers usually insert quotation marks around the q elementFalse