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  1. px, pt, not-bold are values used by this property
  2. This allows you to define specific characteristics that affect the direct appearance of the font itself.
  3. This font property can be measured in pixels (px), points (pt), and centimeters (cm)
  4. This is the style property that can be used to remove an underline from a link.
  5. Use common fonts so that your web page will most likely look like you intended on other computers.
  6. This style property can be used to change your text to Times New Roman.
  7. The number of required values for the text-shadow: style property
  8. This is the correct style property for defining the size of the text of an element.
  9. This is an inline element used to format text without disrupting the layout of the content.
  10. This is the correct way to turn text into italics.
  11. If text is aligned this way it will be spread out across the line to touch both margins.
  12. p:first-letter is an example of this.
    These are used to add special effects to some selectors. The best description would be a style rule that is only applied under a specific condition.
  13. p:first-letter is an example of what?
  14. Arial is an example of this type of font. It is any font free of embellishments or FEET.
  15. This is the correct way to change the background color of an article to black.
  16. Times New Roman is an example of this type of font. It is any font that has embellishments or FEET.
  17. This is the style property you would use to change the font of an element to Arial.
  1. a a pseudo element
  2. b text-decoration
  3. c 4
  4. d font-family:
  5. e font-size
  6. f Justify
  7. g
  8. h <em>text</em>
  9. i font-size: 10pt;
  10. j MUST be considered when choosing fonts for your web page
  11. k <article style="background-color:#000000">text</article>
  12. l A pseudo-element
  13. m font-family
  14. n
    Sans Serif
  15. o font-weight
  16. p The span tag
  17. q font properties