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  1. pop-up captionSpecifies the placement of elements, such as text and graphics, on a Web page.


  2. slide showA set of images, all the same size, that are displayed in the same location for a few seconds, one after the other, to create the appearance that the images are rotating.


  3. Document Object ModelA combination of technologies that includes HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), and a scripting language, such as JavaScript, which used to be referred to as DHTML.


  4. object instanceA new JavaScript object created from a built-in object.


  5. subscriptText enclosed within the <div> tag.


  6. inlineText enclosed within the <div> tag.


  7. nodeText enclosed within the <div> tag.


  8. positioningText enclosed within the <div> tag.


  9. array nameCollection of data items, represented by one variable name.


  10. containerText enclosed within the <div> tag.


  11. arrayA point in a treelike structure that indicates the relationship between objects.