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  1. Attribute of an object that specifies its width in pixels.
  2. Small programs that are used extensively on the Internet and can make browsing more enjoyable by providing toolbars, audio, video, animated content, and more.
  3. Computer software that is used to play multimedia files.
  4. Identifies the behavior and appearance of the object.
  5. An add-in or add-on that is extra software that is added to the browser (or other program) to provide a capability that is not inherent to the program.
  6. Attribute of an object that specifies its height in pixels.
  7. A series of audio or video clips that are released in a sequence and are becoming more prevalent in both academic and corporate setting.
  8. A combination of text, sound, and video to express an idea or convey a message.
  9. Used to describe the things that people want to place in HTML documents