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  1. margin
  2. page box
  3. box model
  4. shorthand property
  5. @page rule
  6. border
  7. padding
  1. a Specifies the space between the element and other content on the Web page.
  2. b Describes the structure of the elements that are displayed on the Web page.
  3. c A rectangular region that contains two areas: the page area and the margin area.
  4. d What surrounds the element content.
  5. e Allows a Web developer to shorten the code. For example, instead of using padding-top, padding-bottom, padding-right, and padding-left, you can specify all the padding values in one property.
  6. f Contains the keyboard @page, followed by an optional page selector, followed by a block of declarations.
  7. g The space between the content of the element and the box border.