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  1. get method
  2. fieldset control
  3. cols
  4. method attribute
  5. select control
  6. Submit button
  7. password text box
  8. text control
  9. checkbox control
  10. action attribute
  11. CGI script
  12. maxlength
  13. Reset button
  14. reset control
  15. password control
  16. text box
  17. post method
  18. input control
  19. fieldset
  20. value
  21. submit control
  22. radio control
  23. name
  24. radio button
  25. data input control
  26. text input control
  27. size
  28. textarea box
  29. textarea control
  30. rows
  1. a Creates the Submit buttons.
  2. b Create a field that allows multiple lines of input.
  3. c Allows the user to enter text in a text box, textarea box and password text box.
  4. d Limits a Web page visitor to only one choice from a list of choices.
  5. e Of the <form> tag that specifies the manner in which the data entered in the form is sent to the server to be processed.
  6. f Allow the user to enter larger amounts of text.
  7. g Specifies the number of columns in the textarea field.
  8. h Specifies the number of rows in the textarea field.
  9. i Identifies the specific information that is being sent when the form is submitted for processing.
  10. j Creates a text box that is used for a single line of input.
  11. k Specifies the maximum length of the input field.
  12. l Clears any input that was entered in the form.
  13. m Any type of input mechanism on a form.
  14. n Of the <form> tag that specifies the action that is taken when the form is submitted.
  15. o Group of similar information on a form.
  16. p Send a separate data file with the name-value pairs to the URL (or e-mail address) indicated in the action attribute.
  17. q Allows a Web page visitor to select more than one choice from a list of choices.
  18. r Creates a text box used for a single line of input except that the characters entered into the field can appear as asterisks or bullets.
  19. s Creates the Reset buttons.
  20. t Type of data that is contained in the named input control (that is, the data that the Web page visitor enters).
  21. u Determines the number of characters that are displayed on the form.
  22. v Allows the user to enter a password.
  23. w Sends the information to the appropriate location for processing.
  24. x Can be a radio button, check box, Submit button, Reset button, or a selection menu.
  25. y Is not an input control but helps to group related form elements together which makes the form easier to read and complete.
  26. z Send the name-value pairs to the end of the URL indicated in the action attribute.
  27. aa Creates a selection menu from which the visitor selects one or more choices.
  28. ab A program written in a programming language (such as PHP or Perl) that communicates with the Web server.
  29. ac An option button which typically appears as an open circle.
  30. ad Allows the user to enter small amounts of text.