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  1. coordinate pair
  2. client-side image map
  3. server-side image map
  4. <map> </map>
  5. y-axis
  6. coords
  7. <area>
  8. x-axis
  9. image map button bar
  10. character entity references
  1. a With this the browser does all the work.
  2. b The start and end tag to create the client-side image map.
  3. c Runs vertically along the left of the image.
  4. d The first number of this is the x-coordinate and the second number is the x-coordinate.
  5. e With this the server does all the work.
  6. f The attribute where the x- and y-coordinates for each map area are inserted into the <area> tag.
  7. g This tag defines the specific areas of the map and the links and anchors for those areas.
  8. h A navigation bar that uses graphical images.
  9. i Code snippets that are interpreted by Web browsers to display special characters.
  10. j Runs horizontally along the base of the image.